How to remove stains from your wooden table? (Fat, wax, water …)

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Due to its porosity, any wooden surface is quickly subject to traces that we do not always know how to remove. By using the wrong stain remover cleaner, there is a quick risk of irreparably damaging the finish of waxed wood, solid wood or exotic wood. This is even more true for the table around which the whole family simply eats, plays and lives. Find out how to clean and detach a stained wooden table (or any other wooden furniture) with some very simple grandma’s tips.

Classic stain remover cleaners

Some products work on all types of stains. On a oiled or waxed wooden table, a damp microfiber soaked in black soap or Marseille soap will surely do the trick. On a varnished wood table, prefer a mixture of linseed oil and turpentine. In addition, you can rub it with a slightly damp cork, especially with waxed wood. Last idea to clean the entire surface by removing stains and scratches: mix equal parts of white vinegar or lemon juice (stain removers) with olive oil (to nourish the wood).

Then you have two options if these techniques don’t work. There are more specific tips for certain tasks which are explained below. Otherwise, you will probably need sand wood with sandpaper before applying oil if it is oiled wood and varnish on a varnished table. In any case, there is therefore a solution so as not to have to buy a new table or hide it under a tablecloth!

How to remove water stains from wooden tables?

toothpaste to remove a wooden table water stain water stains
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A water stain can leave a halo on the wood. To remove it, you can use mayonnaise or white toothpaste basic. You can add a light touch of baking soda to it if the stain is very stubborn. Gently rub with a clean cloth and watch the halos fade without any chemical-based detergent! After that, apply a blow of black soap.

Remove greasy stains on a wooden table

Sprinkle Sommières earth on the stain in a thick layer. This will help absorb the stained area. Then cover with absorbent paper or a cloth and pass your iron over it and let sit for a few moments without touching the table. Repeat if necessary until the stain is gone.

In case of traces of wax

Has a candlelit dinner left some traces? Use a hair dryer to soften the wax so you can wipe it off with paper towels!

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