How to remove stains from a sofa (fabric, leather, etc.)?

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Removing stains is in itself a thorny problem of everyday life and it becomes even more so when we talk about traces on the mattress (pee, blood, perspiration, etc.) or the carpet. In the same vein, we don’t always know how to clean and maintain a leather, fabric or velvet sofa, let alone how to detach it. And yet, so much time is spent there that this piece of furniture accumulates crumbs, dirt, dust and nasty stains. In this article, discover all of our grandma’s tips against stains on a sofa. With these few tips and advice, you will also avoid the not very aesthetic halos on an upholstery fabric.

Some mistakes to avoid when stain removal

Above all, don’t go headlong without inquiring about the specific washing instructions on your product. If there is none, it will be necessary test on an inconspicuous corner so as to make sure you do not damage it. Also in order not to damage the material, be careful not to rub too hard. Rub gently to avoid replacing the stain with scratches. Finally, it is necessary avoid at all costs too wet the armrest or the cushions to avoid unpleasant bad odors, mold and halos (not to mention that you won’t be able to sit on it for a while!)

Our tips for successfully removing stains from the sofa more effectively:

sofa fiber fabric
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Before cleaning, remember to remove as much animal hair as possible with a washing-up glove or pantyhose, for example. Also remember to dust the sofa with a soft brush or a soft microfiber cloth type cloth for a leather sofa. You can also consider vacuuming it gently to remove dirt and dust. Indeed, once wet, these elements may complicate cleaning. In addition, if you notice halos, treat the armrest or the cushion entirely with the chosen cleaning product. This will avoid color demarcations! Finally, always check if your sofa is removable. If so, consider dry the covers flat after washing in the washing machine to avoid wrinkles.

How to remove stains from a non-removable fabric sofa

No need to invest in special upholstery shampoo bombs! You can remove stains very well with simple baking soda. It suffices to moisten the fabric and then sprinkle it on and leave it to act for two hours before vacuuming. This allows to do a dry cleaning. You can then rub the stain with household alcohol (or hydrogen peroxide on white) if the stain is still visible. It is also possible to clean the whole sofa by mixing 500 ml of white vinegar, 200 ml of lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Then during the application, apply this product with a sponge that you will wring out well and insist on the stubborn stains. Finally, rinse with a washcloth or damp cloth.

fabric sofa
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What about a difficult stain on the fabric?

The shaving cream (not the gel) can completely remove a red wine stain or stubborn stains. We start by absorbing the maximum with a paper towel, then we apply the foam. Then you can leave it on for an hour before rubbing with a sponge. For halos caused by oil or sauce stains, use absorbent powders such as flour, talc or Terre de Sommières. Leave to absorb for an hour and inhale. Then repeat if necessary. It is also possible to put several sheets of absorbent paper on top and to pass a hot iron over them. This will drink up the fat!

How to remove traces of a leather sofa?

Very often, it suffices to polish the spots using a clay stone or Marseille soap (or failing that, black soap). Just use a clean soft cloth, sponge or washcloth and clean the stains with circular motions. The stained area will quickly be forgotten and you can switch to cleansing milk to restore shine to leather that is more as shiny as before.

Good to know: chamois leather is excellent for cleaning and preserving the grain of leather.

Against stains on a velvet sofa

dog velvet fabric sofa
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Terre de Sommières is the most effective solution for removing stains from velvet. It suffices here to massage this powder on the fabric to impregnate it well on the stained area. Then we leave it on all night and give it a little vacuum the next day. If it is cotton velor and not silk velor, it is also possible to use a simple soapy water with vinegar. Cotton is indeed more resistant than silk and you can therefore scour it without fear with this solution. Simply dampen a cloth with this mixture, rub the stain, rinse with a clean, well wrung out cloth. Then wipe off with a terry towel.

Good to know: Sprinkling baking soda on a velor or fabric sofa (or even car seats) and then vacuuming helps neutralize the bad smell. Using talc will allow it to be perfumed as it passes.

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