How to remove rust stains? 5 radical tips

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Metallic materials can sometimes oxidize over time. This oxidation ends up eating them away and leaving traces of rust. Before we see how to remove a rust stain, let’s give you some tips on how to prevent them. So, no need to detach them and no risk of letting your items get damaged over time! Also discover all the good tips of grandmother to remove stubborn rust stains well installed on tiles, stainless steel surfaces (tap, cutlery, kettle …), the bathtub or metal objects. A rust stain is indeed not irreversible. To save the alloy of your shelf or your garden furniture from corrosion, follow the guide!

How to avoid the appearance of rust spots in the house

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-Logically, you must first of all avoid humidity as much as possible to prevent your property from rusting. This can go through a tarp or a shelter for the metal garden furniture. In the cupboards where you store metal objects or the toolbox, you can also slip a handful of rice, arabic gum or chalk.
-You can additionally oil your pots, pans and other utensils after washing and drying to apply a protective layer. It may also be suitable for DIY tools. Against the wear of the piping, you can instead put petroleum jelly.
-For outdoor furniture (furniture, bench, etc.), fences, gates and other exterior metal objects that cannot be sheltered, it is possible to apply marine varnish or anti-rust paint. This limits moisture-related wear and therefore rust spots.

How to remove rust stains effectively?

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1) Rub, rub, rub!

Rubbing and scratching is a good way to strip a rust stain, but be careful not to go too hard so as not to damage your object. The goal is not to replace rust with scratches during stain removal! So, gently rub the small spots with a brass brush, an abrasive sponge, a steel wool, rusted aluminum foil in a ball (shiny part towards the outside), fine-grit sandpaper or a toothbrush. .

2) The combination of lemon and salt

Here you can use lime or yellow juice and fine table salt or coarse salt for a very effective stain removal effect. To do this, we start by pouring juice on the stained area. Then we sprinkle salt and let the chemical reaction proceed. This is what will allow “Break” oxidation stains. Then rub. If you see that the rust is resistant, let your lemon juice-salt mixture sit for a few hours before scrubbing.

Good to know : Also in the food department, a potato or an onion cut in half can both remove rust stains. For more effectiveness, you can sprinkle baking soda on the potato before rubbing.

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3) white vinegar against rust stains

It is generally one of the best household products for cleaning and maintaining items that can scratch. It is then necessary to take care to dry them well after use. However, you can also use its white vinegar to treat installed rust thanks to its acidity. Ideally, it is better to heat it for more efficiency. Then, it is poured into the kettle or teapot to be treated or into a basin to soak the rusty object. (You can do the same with cola type soda!) If the rust stains are very encrusted, do not hesitate to associate it with coarse salt. Pour the mixture on the stain and let the chemical reaction take place before scrubbing. Then rinse and dry thoroughly.

4) soda crystals

These crystals are excellent household products and can be very powerful against encrusted rust stains. You just need to sprinkle it on a damp sponge after putting on gloves. Then vigorously rub the stain to loosen the rusty residue. Finally, rinse and pat dry.

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5) bicarbonate

Like vinegar, sodium bicarbonate can help remove rust stains. On the other hand, where the vinegar shines by its acidity, the bicarbonate acts thanks to a very gentle and effective abrasive effect. Usually it is mixed with water to make a thick paste. Then, apply the mixture directly to the rust and let it act for 15 minutes before rubbing with a suitable brush. It remains only to nothing and dry well. It can also be combined with white vinegar to mechanically detach the rust stain thanks to the effervescent chemical reaction. Allow the object to rust for a quarter of an hour before rubbing and rinsing. It will work well on small rust spots slightly encrusted. For difficult stains, use lemon or vinegar and salt mixture or soda crystals instead.

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