How to remove red fruit stains? 6 easy tips!

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The struggle for the cleanliness of the laundry on a daily basis can sometimes be very complicated by stubborn stains such as blood, ink or red wine stains. And when you approach summer with gluttony, drooling over all the pretty red fruits this season brings, disasters are never far away. There is indeed no such treat to the sweetness of a redcurrant or raspberry jam, a strawberry pie, a cherry clafoutis or a nice handful of blueberries to peck. However, the mood changes when it comes time to untie a cloth stained with red fruit stains! So, find out how to clean it all up with a few grandma’s tips so that red dirt no longer spoils your fruity tastings.

And above all, never put clothes in the washing machine without first removing stains. You risk… to fix them forever on your favorite t-shirt! So, wait a bit before going through the washing machine box.

1) Act quickly: THE solution against red fruit spots

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The earlier you do it, the easier it will be to retrieve a cloth soaked in red in good condition. This will reduce the risk of halo. Of course, there are classics here like Marseille soap, dishwashing liquid or baking soda. However, some solutions are even more powerful. For example, the lemon is very popular, because very effective against this type of stain (except for wool!). Just rub the stain with a little lemon juice and rinse with cold water. Then leave to dry in the sun for an hour before putting in the machine. You can also dab the traces with White vinegar (excellent on suede) or rub them with white toothpaste.

2) Milk, a good option, especially for white

Here you can act as against ink stains by soaking the stained item of clothing in a basin of milk. Leave on overnight before putting your coat in the machine. The fact of immersing white cotton in hot milk will loosen it, all without bleach!

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3) What about colored laundry?

You can use a cloth soaked in70% alcohol or 20 volume hydrogen peroxide after making sure there is no risk of discoloration. Afterwards, wash the garment in the machine as usual.

4) How to remove red fruit stains from synthetic

Dabbing with lemon juice or vinegar will usually be enough to remove stains from synthetic fabric before washing. You can also consider using soapy water or a cloth soaked in alcohol diluted in water.

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5) What about red fruit stains on wool or silk?

For wool, wash in cold water with dish soap or soap of your choice (beef gall soap, black soap or Marseille soap). If that is not enough, go to great lengths with a few drops of ammonia diluted in lukewarm water. As for silk, use absorbent paper to remove excess juice from your shirt. Then mix equal parts water and household alcohol and dab this on the stained area before washing. And for a stubborn stain, directly use a cloth soaked in 90 ° alcohol.

6) And finally, how to detach the leather?

Looking for the right stain remover for a stained sofa, sneakers or jacket? Once you have removed the excess juice with a paper towel, dab the red fruit stain with a equal mixture of water and household alcohol. You can also use cleansing milk to which you can optionally add two drops of household alcohol. Then, gently rub this mixture on the stain and let it act for a few minutes. Finally, wipe with a clean cloth.

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