How to Remove Fingerprints – Practical

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How? ‘Or’ What erase fingerprints ? On a Wall, a mirror, on thescreen of his portable or his smartphone, on thestainless steel, the car, windows or closet doors everywhere we see fingerprints. And if we try to clean we just spread this stain. We are not going to live with gloves on! Discover the top 10 of the best tips for remove fingerprints.

Top 10 best tips for removing fingerprints

tip for cleaning fingerprints

To remove fingerprints


– Paper towels and tissues

and any fluffy rags that may be abrasive and therefore scratch what you are cleaning.

– Alcoholic wipes

Containing too much alcohol, they risk leaving marks.

Too aggressive cleaning products

The White spirit, acetone and solvent, toxic and too aggressive, can attack the coatings.

tip for cleaning fingerprints

How to clean a fingerprint

1 – Alcohol at 70 °

On a door, a wall, a car body, a mirror or a piece of furniture, a window and never on a screen, clean the fingerprints using a cotton cloth, or other cloth that does not lint, impregnated with 70 ° alcohol.

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2 – Alcoholic water

On a door, a wall, a car body, a mirror or a piece of furniture, a window, stainless steel and not on a screen, erase the fingerprints using a cloth moistened with water, well wrung out, on which you will have poured a drop of household alcohol.

3 – Lemon

Remove fingerprints from everything, even a screen, with a cloth dampened with water and a drop of lemon.

4 – Microfiber cloth

The microfiber cloth, and especially the one given to you by your optician, is the best solution to remove fingerprints from everything, even on the most fragile of screens.

Use it dry or slightly damp.

5 – Soda crystals

Clean the fingerprints by passing a cloth soaked in soda crystals diluted in hot water (a teaspoon of crystals for a bowl of water).
This solution is ideal for removing traces on a painted wall.

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6 – Ammonia water

Hands protected by household gloves, being careful not to breathe the vapors that this product gives off, walk over the traces of the mirror, the window, the door, the car body, but not a screen , a cloth dampened with water and added with a drop of ammonia

7 – Vinegar water

Clean fingerprints with rolled newspaper in a tampon impregnated with a solution of half white vinegar and water.

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8 – Magic gum sponge

Remove fingerprints from walls, doors, switches, and all smooth surfaces in a second, avoiding mirrors, eyeglass lenses and screens that could get scratched, with a just damp magic eraser sponge.

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9 – Glass product

Clean fingerprints with a cloth impregnated with window cleaning product.

But be careful spray the cleaner on the laundry and not on the wall or the bodywork under penalty of obtaining much more difficult to remove flows.

10 – Tea

Save your teacup bottoms!

And rub the fingerprints, on everything, even on a screen, using a cloth just dampened, that is to say wrung out, with this tea.

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