How to remove a stain from gel or hydroalcoholic solution

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What to clean a hydroalcoholic gel stain with ? Based on alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin or aloe vera gel and water antibacterial solution is ideal when it is not possible to wash your hands. But by its composition solution and gel can discolor a fabric but also wood or tiles. It is then necessary clean this task as quickly as possible. Find out how remove a gel stain from fabric, tiles, wood furniture or parquet, marble, granite and natural stone.

with which product to remove a hydroalcoholic gel stain

With what to remove a stain of disinfectant gel on a fabric

Still wet gel stain

Gently scrape the gel off with the side of a spoon, moisten the fabric and then rub it gently.

– Sparkling water

Dilute the gel as quickly as possible with a little mineral water, preferably sparkling, then sponge with absorbent paper.

Spot de gel hydroalcoholic dried

– Dishwashing detergent

Clean thefrost stain using a cloth soaked in water and dish soap.

Lather, rub and then rinse.

– Marseille’s soap

If the fabric has absorbed the gel, rub it with barely damp Marseille soap.

Leave the soap on for a quarter of an hour, then rub the fabric.


Encrusted gel stain

– Water / alcohol 70 °

Dab the stain with a cloth soaked in a mixture of 70% alcohol and water in equal parts then clean with a cloth soaked in slightly diluted white vinegar.

Rinse. Dry.

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how to remove a hand sanitizer gel stain

With what to remove a gel stain hydroalcoholic on tiles

– water

Frost attacks tiles like any acidic product, and the only way to preserve the floor is to act as quickly as possible by wiping off the gel or diluting it under plenty of water.

Dried hydroalcoholic gel leaving a white mark

– Marseille’s soap

If the product acid has been left on the tile for too long and has discolored the tiles, apply a slightly runny paste of grated Marseille soap and water to the stained area.

The tile will drink the soap and the stain will disappear.

– Oil

It is possible not to eliminate but to mask the stains white left by the gel by passing over a cloth or paper towels impregnated with a fatty substance, such as table oil.

Make penetrate.

Then remove the excess with a sponge or a paper towel.

Replace the tile

Yes the gel has discolored tiles, leaving a White mark and if none of the products work, the only solution is to change the damaged tile.

which product to clean a gel stain

With what to remove a gel stain hydroalcoholic on the marble, granite or other natural stone

If left without wiping it off, the gel will attack marble and other natural stones.

It is therefore advisable to act as quickly as possible, dilute it with plenty of water and sponge it up immediately.

– clay stone

Use a damp sponge impregnated with clay stone on the stain.

Rinse. Dry.

– Blanc de Meudon

On a marble or granite worktop, clean the traces of frost with a damp cloth impregnated with blanc de Meudon.

Rinse. Dry.

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Encrusted gel stain

If the stain has discolored the marble or granite in places, this mark cannot be erased definitively but only mask it, knowing that after any cleaning it will be necessary to renew this treatment.

– Face or body cream

Using circular movements, pass a cloth impregnated with care cream over the trace.

Then polish with a soft cloth.

– Glycerin

Using a cloth, impregnate the stain with glycerin and water (4 volumes of water for one volume of glycerin).

– Wax milk

Wipe the stains with a cloth impregnated with wax milk.

Polish with a soft cloth.

Deep encrusted gel stain

No product can remove this trace, the only solution is to call on a company specializing inairbrushing or micro sandblasting.

tip for removing gel stains from parquet or wood furniture

With what to remove a gel stain hydroalcoholic on the wood of the floor or furniture

Do not wait to sponge gel or hydroalcoholic solution otherwise the wood may be attacked which will leave a white mark difficult to remove.

Frost stain on parquet or waxed wood furniture

– Cork

Rub the stain with a cork stopper.

– Cork stopper + turpentine

rub this stubborn stain with the plug moistened with turpentine.

Once this is done, wax the wood again.

Very encrusted gel stain

– sanding

If the stain is too encrusted in the wood, sanding is the only solution.

Sand the affected area and then wax the parquet or furniture again.

Frost stain on parquet or varnished wood furniture

Wipe off the spilled hydroalcoholic gel as quickly as possible, then rinse the stained area with a damp microfiber cloth.

Old stain of gel or hydroalcoholic solution

– Linseed oil

Apply a few drops of linseed oil with a cloth, let dry, then polish with a soft cloth.

– Polish or cabinetmaker’s cookware

Using circular movements, without ever rubbing, wipe a cloth soaked in polish or cabinetmaker’s cookware.

The polish is an emulsion of water and oil intended for cleaning, polishing and polishing wooden furniture.

– Cabinetmaker’s meal + table oil + turpentine

With circular movements, pass a rag soaked in a mixture of cabinetmaker’s cooking pot + table oil + turpentine over the wood

White stain and encrusted on vitrified or varnished wood

– Ash + oil

Apply fireplace or cigarette ash mixed with olive oil then rub the stain with a rag, making circles.

– Linseed oil / turpentine

Apply a soft cloth dampened with a mixture of two parts of linseed oil + one part of turpentine.

Rub the wood vigorously.

– Oil and salt

Pass on the white trace a paste composed of olive oil and salt, leave to act for two to three minutes, then rub the wood with a cloth.

– Coffee grounds and bran

Rub the white spot, in concentric circles, with a cloth soaked in a decoction of coffee grounds or sieved bran, then with a cloth moistened with petroleum.

– Oil and household alcohol

A mixture of olive oil and household alcohol can also be effective.

– Wax milk

Rub the stained wood for a long time, in circular motions, with a soft and thick cloth, impregnated with wax milk.

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White stain and encrusted on varnished wood

If the stain is small and if it is on a piece of furniture sand with sandpaper, if the stain is extensive sand the parquet using a sander that you rent from a large DIY store.

Pass the sander with a coarse abrasive, in the direction of the blades of the parquet, the electric wire on your shoulder, especially not staying in place and moving the sander as quickly as possible, making sure that the drum does not touch the ground; otherwise you risk digging the wood.

Then vacuum and finish cleaning with a broom fitted with a damp mop.

A washing followed by a meticulous drying of the parquet is absolutely necessary before vitrifying the wood.

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