How to remove a stain caused by a dish that is too hot on wood

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Which product to clean a stain caused by a dish that is too hot on wood ? Sometimes without thinking we leave a saucepan, a cup of coffee or a hot pizza box on a table or one wooden furniture which leaves a trace looking like a discoloration or again to one burn. How then to take off this task ?

how to remove stain caused on too hot a dish on wood

3 tips before removing a stain from wood

1- Before detaching a piece of furniture

Start by dusting wood

2 – If you need to remove a stain from wood

always pour the stain remover on the cloth and never directly on the wood

3 – do not rub the wood in any way

Clean upalways in the direction of the grain.

15 tips to remove a white trace due to a dish that is too hot:

1 – Cork stopper

Gently rub the trace on the wood with a wine cork stopper.

2 – Ash and olive oil

Mmix cold ash with olive oil then rubsz with a cloth, making circles.

3 –Hot water

Boil some water then pour it directly on the stain, wipe off immediately with a dry cloth.

To be on the safe side, test boiling water on a small area before emptying your kettle onto the table.

4 – Camphor spirit

Rub the varnished wood with a cloth impregnated with spirit of camphor.

Camphor Spirit is an alcohol and camphor based lotion usually used for muscle pain.

It can be found in pharmacies.

5- Linseed oil / turpentine

If a dish or a cup of tea that is too hot has left a white spot on the varnished wood, apply a woolen cloth soaked in a mixture of two parts of linseed oil + one part of turpentine, making it penetrate well.

Rub the wood vigorously.

6- Oil and household alcohol

Rub the stain with a soft cloth dampened with olive oil and household alcohol.

7 – Oil and salt

Apply to the white spot two to three minutes a paste of olive oil and salt, then rub the wood with a cloth.

8- Coffee grounds and bran

Rub the white spot, in concentric circles, with a cloth soaked in a decoction of coffee grounds or sieved bran, then with a cloth moistened with petroleum.

9- Wax milk

Rub the stained wood for a long time, in circular motions, with a soft and thick cloth, impregnated with wax milk.

We sell wax milk in a liter bottle at Boutique Toutpratique

10- Polish

Rub the heat-bleached wood with a cloth dampened with polish or cabinetmaker’s cookware.

Leave to dry.

Then shine.

How to remove a stain from wood caused by too hot a dish

How to remove a black mark from a dish that’s too hot

11 – 70 ° alcohol

On waxed wood, remove the wax with a little alcohol.

Wait for the wood to dry.

Then re-color with stain or wax from the color of the wood.

And finally, wax again a piece of furniture in wood in full with emphasis on the detached area.

12 – Abrasive sponge and washing up liquid

Rub the wood with a damp abrasive sponge with two to three drops of washing up liquid.

Work in the direction of the grain.

Wipe with a damp cloth.

Then dry with an old pantyhose

13 – Ink eraser

Rub them stains with a schoolboy eraser, ink side.

14 – Sandpaper

Remove these stains rubbing them very gently with very, very fine sandpaper.

Then polish.

15 – Clay stone

Rub the stain with a sponge soaked in clay stone.

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Deep burn on the wood what to do:

Scratch the burn, and the hands protected by household, fill the gap with wood filler.

Use your finger if the hole is small and a spatula or a plaster knife if the notch is larger.

Let dry then sand with an abrasive paper to smooth and remove the excess.

Then apply :

of the wax if it is a waxed furniture

of varnish tinted if it is a varnished cabinet

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