How to remove a perfume stain from a white shirt

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The perfume has the particularity of creating in addition to a task a halo yellow difficult to remove. On a white shirt the perfume stain is very showy. Trying to make it disappear in the machine wash will not be enough. You have to treat it first. But what product for remove a perfume stain on a white fabric. Find out how clean a perfume stain easily and quickly.

10 tips for removing a perfume stain

how to remove perfume stain from a white shirt

With what to clean the perfume stain

1 – Alcohol at 70 °

Dab the perfume stain with a cloth impregnated with 70 ° alcohol.

Rinse and then rub soap on the treated area.

Emulsify then rinse.

On silk or fragile fabric

Remove stains by dabbing them with a cloth dampened with an equal mixture of water and 70 ° alcohol.

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2 Oxalic acid

On a white or colourfast cloth, dab the task of perfume with a cloth dampened with an oxalic acid solution, rinse then finish by dabbing with another cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

Rinse, wash.

3- Soda crystals

Soak the garment in hot water and soda ash.

A coffee cup of crystals for 1 liter of water.

Or wash immediately in the machine

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4 – Sparkling water

Dab the stain still fresh as quickly as possible with a cloth soaked in sparkling water.

5 – Oxygenated water

On a white cotton shirt dab the taskperfume using a clean cloth impregnated with hydrogen peroxide.

Rinse. Wash.

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6 – Dish washing machine detergent

Soak the white garment in a bath of hot water with a little washing-up liquid.

Scrub the stain and then rinse.

7 – Lemon juice

On a delicate fabric like silk dab the perfume stains with a cloth impregnated with more or less diluted lemon juice.

Leave to dry.

Then wash it off.

staining perfume

8 – Marseille soap

If the fabric has absorbed the beer, you will release the task by rubbing it with barely damp Marseille soap.

Leave the soap to act for a quarter of an hour, then rub and finally rinse or put the clothing machine or hand wash.

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9 – White alcohol vinegar

On the wool, notclean the stainss using slightly diluted white alcohol vinegar.

And if halos appear on the garment, soak it as quickly as possible in a bath of water and white alcohol vinegar (half / half).

10 – TexClean®

TexClean® is a stain remover designed for professionals that individuals can use easily.

Spray TexClean® on the stain, make the stain remover with a clean cloth, by dabbing, rub lightly, rinse then wash.

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