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The panes of the fireplace insert or a wood-burning stove are often difficult to recover once they are covered with soot deposits. And faced with these blackened surfaces, we are ready to do anything to wipe off the traces of outbreaks left by a wood fire! The goal is not to damage the glass surface and replace the dirt with scratches … So here’s how to effortlessly clean the glass of a wood stove or fireplace to enjoy all winter long. the sweet vision of pretty logs engulfed in flames without being hampered by dirt. With the right ecological products, this chore will become child’s play.

A few tips before you start cleaning the windows

-Make a regular maintenance to prevent ash and soot from hanging too much. A ball of newspaper or extra fine glass wool can be used here to shine the fireplace inserts. The steel wool or the scraper will be used in case of heavy soiling of the glazing.
-Burn damp wood to avoid soiling the glass. If possible, avoid too rapid and strong combustion of the chimney fire.
– Clean the wood insert when lukewarm or even slightly hot. This will make soot easier to clean!
-Finally, protect the floor with newspaper or cardboard to prevent runs on the carpet or parquet. Also be careful of do not spray cleaning products touch the gaskets and metal parts.

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A tip to avoid clogging and keep the glass pristine for longer

A simple, economical, eco-friendly and very effective trick is to use a translucent or white liquid soap to lightly brush the glass. A small amount applied with a paper towel or sponge without rinsing will be more than enough to avoid residue and clogging. Do this before starting the ignition so that the wood can burn without ever staining or dirtying. You will only have to wipe the glass door once the combustion is finished. Nickel!

Make way for tips for cleaning the glass of stove or fireplace insert

1) Use cold wood ashes to clean the insert or fireplace glass

It’s here smartest technique since it consists of cleaning up the grime with what you have on hand! It’s abrasive just the right amount and the degreasing and cleaning effect of their components makes all the difference. Just use the cold ashes on a damp, lint-free cloth (microfiber cloth type) or newspaper to scrub the dirty glass without scratching it.

And above all, remember to keep some ashes to recover your burnt pan.

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2) white vinegar to the rescue

White vinegar alone is very effective in melting soot. It can therefore be used to clean the dirt on the blackened glass of the stove or the fireplace. If, however, the dirt is very clogged, do not hesitate to add a handful of fine salt for an effect. powerful cleaner and stripper.

3) Clay stone or black soap

Clay stone and black soap are two products very versatile who do no compromise with grime on all surfaces. Just soak a sponge to wash the glass before rinsing thoroughly. This is excellent for performing regular cleaning and preventing the clogging that occurs over time.

4) soda crystals

Soda crystals are a powerful degreaser and a very versatile cleaner. Diluted in very hot water, soda crystals are able to work wonders, starting by cleaning a very dirty stove or fireplace glass. For an impeccable result, count a cup of crystals for a basin of very hot water. And above all, remember to put on gloves before handling the mixture!

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5) household alcohol in the spotlight

This cleaning product is excellent for heavily soiled glass surfaces. We can then decide to combine it with white vinegar or lemon juice in a spray spray. Otherwise, there is the option of a water-based glass cleaner, household alcohol and Meudon white in equal parts. All you have to do is rub in circular motions with a sheet of newspaper rolled into a ball. Cleanliness guaranteed!

6) The product to clean the oven

Of course, we are moving away from grandmother’s natural products here! However, if you do not mind using chemicals, the oven cleaner may be a choice option to clean the dirty glass very effectively and restore it to its full shine. It suffices here to spray some on the glass and to pass the squeegee to clean the windows then to give a clean and dry wipe. Finally, rinse and dry well.

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