How to deodorize your carpet? 4 tips against bad odors

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Smell of tobacco or musty, pets, dust and dirt, domestic incidents… We do not always know how to remove the bad foul odors retained in a carpet. And because of this, the bad smell can in the long run spread throughout the room. If cleaning it will have a deodorizing effect, other actions allow you to have a good smell without necessarily washing it. Here are some tips from grandma to deodorize your carpet quickly and well.

And of course, it also works on stubborn bad odors encrusted in the carpet or sofa!

1) White vinegar to eliminate bad odors

White vinegar has a cleansing effect plus powerful deodorizing powers. This two-in-one is therefore excellent for masking the smell of rugs, carpets and textiles. To do this little wash and remove the smell, nothing complicated: start by mixing hot water and vinegar in equal parts. You can then spray this mixture and let it dry for several hours. Vacuum and take care to ventilate the room. This will help drive away lingering odors!

2) baking soda against bad odors

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This natural product is very effective for absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors such as the smell of cat urine or to fight against the smell of trash and fridge. Before using the baking soda, vacuum thoroughly to remove any crumbs and dust. Then you can sprinkle this natural product over the entire surface to be treated. Leave it on for several hours, or even overnight, before vacuuming up the powder.

For bring a good smell of freshness and lightly perfume the carpet, you can mix this powder with a few cloves, lemon peels or herbs and aromatic plants (lavender, mint, thyme, rosemary…). A few drops of essential oil can also be added to the bicarbonate: eucalyptus, cedar, lavender, lemon, etc.

3) The land of Sommières to deodorize your carpet

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The land of Sommières has a fort absorbent and stain resistant. It is often used on oil stains, but you can also use it on your carpet to deodorize it thanks to its odor destroying effect. To do this, start by buying this clay powder in an organic store or in the household products section of DIY stores. Then sprinkle it on the carpet and leave it on overnight if possible. All you have to do is vacuum in the early morning to permanently sanitize your favorite carpet!

4) Laundry powder to reduce odors

Unless homemade, washing powder is usually less natural and economical than previous solutions. However, it presents the advantage of smelling good, which will help deodorize the carpet. It can also be replaced by baby talc, which has the same deodorizing properties. Here, we will proceed as with sodium bicarbonate: sprinkle, leave to act for several hours and vacuum!

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