How to clean your sofa according to its upholstery?

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Between the hair of pets and their scratches, but also the stains and bad odors that set in over time, we sometimes think that our sofa could need a little cleaning. However, you don’t always know how to clean a sofa without damaging it or leaving unsightly halos. And in addition, we suspect that each coating requires a different cleaning, but which one? Find out how to do it!

Before cleaning, check whether the cushions and armrests are removable. This will then allow them to be put in the machine or for a dry cleaning. If this is not possible, start by vacuuming to remove crumbs, dirt and dust. Then follow the tips below. Above all, always do a test on an inconspicuous corner to identify any discolorations before cleaning the entire surface of the sofa or armchair.

Clean a fabric or microfiber sofa

fabric sofa
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Beware of washdowns that promote damp odors and mold in the upholstery. Instead, use a a damp cloth or a well-wrung washcloth. Product level, it all depends on how dirty the sofa is. For the basic cleaning of a fabric sofa, you can use soapy water (black soap, Marseille soap and even dishwashing liquid). Alternatively, you can also mix water with White vinegar in equal parts or use a 70 ° alcohol spray. If however the sofa is very dirty, prefer to dilute 3 tbsp of soda ash in a bowl of hot water to brush over the fabric with a soft brush. Last option: sprinkle with baking soda on the sofa and leave to act for several hours before vacuuming with the vacuum cleaner to deodorize and revive the sofa.

Clean a leather sofa

cleaning shoe polish clean leather sofa
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On a daily basis, simply wipe it with a slightly damp sponge to clean it. However, take care to wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth afterwards, as leather does not like excess moisture. If you want to nourish the leather, revive it and maintain it at the same time to ensure its durability, you can go further by using Cleansing milk or baby milk when cleaning. Another idea: soak a cloth with a few drops oflemon essential oil to prevent cracking and improve the longevity of the leather.

Cleaning a suede or velvet sofa

suede sofa
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After dusting, avoid vacuuming in favor of using a soft microfiber cloth or a slightly damp chamois leather. This will better catch the dust on the nubuck. Otherwise, you can use a soft brush that will restore the suede to its original appearance. For a deeper cleaning, sprinkle it with talcum powder or land of Sommières and leave to act overnight before vacuuming or using a crepe brush.

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