How to clean the barbecue grill and make it spotless?

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The beautiful summer days go hand in hand with long meals spent outdoors. And of course, barbecues are essential for cooking grills and for more conviviality. Sausages, kebabs, vegetables, fish and pieces of meat can thus brown gently under the supervision of the whole hungry assembly. However, the barbecue tends to very quickly become covered with deposits of burnt dirt (aromatic herbs, spices, marinades, etc.). And to avoid having trouble removing these residues, it is better to ensure that the barbecue grill is maintained very regularly. It is best to do this after each use while the grill is still hot. So the dirt is still flexible and therefore easy to remove. Are you wondering how to clean the barbecue grill and with which natural household products? Here is the answer in 10 points.

1) What tools to use to clean the barbecue grill

aluminum ball for cleaning the barbecue grill
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Cleaning products are one thing, but cleaning tools are also of paramount importance. It is indeed them who will delicately rub the encrusted dirt and dislodge the grime. On a lightly soiled grid, for example, do not hesitate to recycle old newspaper casually rolled into a ball. In the event of a dirtier grid, shift up a gear withaluminum or a special wire brush for barbecue bought off the shelf. Also note that if you are equipped with a dishwasher, you can slide in your grids (oven and barbecue). Use a long, hot program for more efficiency.

2) Recycle your wood ashes for the barbecue grill

Wood ash contains potash, a very effective natural surfactant. It can be recycled to do laundry, but it also does wonders for cleaning and degreasing a burnt pan, a stove door… or the barbecue grill! To do this, dilute the ash in very hot water. Then use this makeshift cleaning product to scrub the grill. You can also let the grill soak in hot, ashy water before scrubbing.

3) Onion or potato for rubbing

onion to clean the barbecue grill
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The onion helps remove fat where the potato cleans and prevents rust. It is excellent in regular maintenance for a lightly soiled grill. Just cut them in half before rubbing the grill. Then rinse thoroughly and use the other half if needed.

4) Clean the barbecue grill with soapy water

To prepare your soapy water, you can use Marseille soap as well as dish soap or black soap, the latter two soaps having the best cleaning and degreasing power against stains. In addition, leaving it to soak cleans well without damaging the grid. You have to be patient, but this allows you to less need to rub vigorously Prepare a basin of very hot water and add your soap. Then let the grill soak for at least an hour to soften the burnt fat. To finish, rub a good blow.

5) Baking soda (or soda crystals if needed)

baking soda powder yeast
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Mix baking soda with hot water and remove this homemade cleaning product with a brush. Use it to scrub and remove encrusted traces. If the grid is really very dirty, opt instead for soda crystals which are even more powerful.

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