How to clean shower curtain? Here are 3 effective tips

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If cleaning the shower walls covered with limestone and soap can be scary, we sometimes tend to forget to mention that of the shower curtain. Yet limescale, humidity, dust, mold like stagnant water and splashing soap can leave stubborn stains on it (not to mention bad smells!). Suffice to say that it is not very hygienic, because it becomes a real nest for bacteria. Fortunately, there is no need to throw down your curtain at the slightest stain with all the plastic pollution that entails. All you need to know is grandma’s good tips for cleaning, disinfecting and undoing a shower curtain without damaging it!

Good to know :

Whether there are traces or not, it is advisable to clean your shower curtain minimum once a month for more hygiene. However, good practices start on a daily basis. So always make sure to ventilate and ventilate the bathroom and keep the curtain opened after use to let it dry. This will limit the appearance of mold and condensation as much as it will allow it to dry faster. You can, however, use a towel after showering or bathing to wipe it off and limit humidity. It will also limit its wear and moldy dirt! And above all, clean up regularly you don’t have to remove the installed grime and grime.

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How to clean your shower curtain? 3 methods!

A passage in the washing machine, quite simply!

The curtain is generally machine washable. For a fabric shower curtain, choose a wash cycle at 60 ° C, if possible using a special cotton program. For a plastic shower curtain, on the other hand do not exceed 40 ° C and choose the special synthetic washing machine program. To complete the cleaning, you can use baking soda (stain remover and deodorant). Count half a cup of baking soda to add to the laundry for optimal efficiency. Most importantly, add two large towels in the drum to protect the curtain during cleaning.

If your curtain is very stained, be sure to remove the stains with the correct cleaning product first before washing them in the washing machine (see below).

To clean a synthetic shower curtain: white vinegar (or household alcohol)

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The White vinegar and thehousehold alcohol are essential ecological and economical household products for the home. They also share the same stain removal properties. Household alcohol, however, is more disinfectant and its odor tends to be less bothersome. However, both will work fine, so the choice is yours. In any case, this does not risk damaging the polyester or vinyl of the curtain ! How to clean the curtain? Just unhook the shower curtain from its rods and lay it flat in the tub, on the floor or on a table. Use a sponge soaked in product or a soft brush to scrub away the dirt. A toothbrush can be used on the seams. Finally, be sure to rinse well before machine washing.

To clean a fabric shower curtain: Marseille soap

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Here, we proceed as with the synthetic shower curtain! Unhook the curtain and lay it flat on a bathtub, a clean floor or a table. Then rub with a damp sponge and then with Marseille’s soap to overcome encrusted stains. Once you’ve dealt with the stains, you can machine wash your curtain. If it is white fabric, consider adding one to two tablespoons of sodium percarbonate to whiten it and help loosen tough stains. Hydrogen peroxide can also be very effective.

No need for bleach, not at all green!

Bonus tip: How do you prevent mold and mildew from appearing on a shower curtain?

To limit fungus and humidity stains, soak your clean shower curtain in a basin filled with hot salt water before replacing it. You can boil it and add coarse salt to it beforehand while the machine is running and let it cool so as not to shrink everything.

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