How to clean curtains? 6 cleanliness and whiteness tips!

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For the shower curtain, a passage in the washing machine may be sufficient. However, the curtains used to decorate and dress our windows, and protect us from prying eyes, need an extra boost to be on top of their cleanliness and last a long time! They also tend to turn yellow, which can be particularly tricky when you know how much care they require. This is the reason why it is always advisable to consult the label carefully before doing anything! Some indeed only support dry cleaning. Wondering how to clean curtains that are not affected by this precaution? Discover these few tips from grandmother for bleaching and cleaning curtains and curtains. Enough to give them back a little freshness to let the light pass through!

Remember that it is better to clean your windows before installing clean curtains on the rods. We do not put clean laundry on dirty!

1) Always test the color of curtains before testing tips

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Whatever their colors and whether they are handmade or bought in store, it is always better to test the color of your curtains before the slightest manipulation. To do this, wet the corner of the curtain hem a little. Then put a piece of cotton on it and go over it with your iron. If the cotton stains, the color is poorly fixed. Your curtains will therefore discolor during washing. When this happens, it is best to take the affected blackout curtains or sheers to the dry cleaners.

2) Clean and launder the curtains in the washing machine

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To detach and whiten the curtains, you can add a packet of yeast in the detergent drawer of the washing machine, and run a program at 30 ° C. This will give maximum brightness to white curtains tarnished by time. In supermarkets, organic or DIY stores, you can also find sodium percarbonate. Not to be confused with baking soda which preserves colors and softens laundry, but does not bleach, percarbonate has a real whitening effect. Count two tablespoons and a washing temperature of 40 ° C minimum (the heat activates the powder). This tip is therefore to be favored on curtains that are not afraid of high temperatures.

Whatever you use, feel free to add white vinegar as a fabric softener. For drying, ban the dryer. Let the curtains dry on a rod to limit wrinkles.

3) Bleach your curtains by hand, another possible option

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We do not recommend bleach which can make curtains yellow and damage them. This product is recommended for linen curtains and cotton curtains in a pinch without ever mixing it with hot or boiling water which deactivates it and at the same time releases dangerous vapors. Count 15 ml of bleach maximum for 10 liters of cold water for 20 minutes.

Otherwise, the healthiest solution for the environment and your health is lemon juice. Pour the juice of one lemon per liter of hot water and let your curtains soak for at least one hour. This is ideal for fragile curtains. And for hand washing, use Marseille soap, especially for synthetic curtains. After an hour of soaking in lukewarm water, never twist your curtains to wring them out!

4) Clean rust stains from curtains

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Curtain rod rings may leave rust stains on white or light-colored sheer curtains. Fortunately, it is very easy to remove the tracks. To do this, use steam to moisten the fabric. (You can hang the fabric over a pot of water, for example.) Once the veil is wet, use lemon with added salt for rubbing stains. The combination of the two works great on rusty spots. Otherwise, ammonia may also be suitable (use with caution).

5) Fight tobacco odors

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Once soaked in textiles, tobacco odors are difficult to dislodge especially as the nicotine can leave a yellowish veil. For your curtains, no need for complicated tips! Pour 5 to 10 drops ofeucalyptus essential oil in a spray bottle with a liter of water. Then spray this on your curtains. This will neutralize the unpleasant odor and prevent yellowing of light fabrics.

6) restore texture to the curtains

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As with shirts, you can do anything to starch the curtains. It is enough to let them soak in rice water diluted in clear water. After that, your curtains will be more beautiful than ever!

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