How to clean and whitewash your white plastic garden furniture?

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Relegated to the back of the garage or subjected to bad weather on the terrace, the table, the garden chairs or the plastic sun lounger have aged. The garden chair has turned gray and the folding lounge chair is in a sorry state as well. Unfortunately, this is the lot of plastic garden furniture: it tends to age badly. And at a time when the beautiful days are timidly returning, we would like to be able to bring out the hammock, the parasol, the comfortable cushions, but also the white PVC garden furniture in preparation for a future barbecue. The grills are even already in the fridge, simply waiting for folding chairs in better condition to accommodate the whole family. With our tips, find out how to clean, stain, bleach and shine outdoor tables, chairs and armchairs.

For an outdoor living room in woven resin, wood (teak, exotic wood, eucalyptus, etc.), covered with covers or even wrought iron (often plagued by rust), we have delivered all our effective washing tips .

The basics for maintaining plastic garden furniture

To avoid ending up with a big scrub from folding chairs and garden tables, the ideal is to carry out a regular maintenance. A cleaning or two a month with simple soapy water and / or white vinegar will be more than enough to remove dust from outdoor furniture! Remember to use a soft brush or a sponge so as not to scratch and damage the plastic furniture. After that, use a dry cloth rather than allowing the PVC to air dry. Thus, you will avoid drops of water that could become permanently embedded in the plastic. And most importantly, for this same reason, use a tarp or protective cover to protect your outdoor living room when it rains if you can’t fit it in.

Clean and scrub a white plastic garden furniture

When you neglect your outdoor space, it may happen that hot soapy water and white vinegar are not enough. In this case, you can also use household alcohol or clay stone on the garden furniture. In case of heavy dirt, you can also opt for:

-A baking soda and water paste to clean, polish and restore shine to white
-The baking soda and vinegar mixture to remove stubborn stains
-Of lemon juice leave to act for a few minutes before rinsing to combat yellow marks
-Of soda ash diluted in hot water for the ultimate cleansing

white plastic garden furniture cabinet
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And how do you whiten outdoor furniture?

Sometimes cleaning is not enough, especially when the plastic garden furniture has started to turn yellow. Instead of using bleach which is extremely harmful to our outdoor spaces, use hydrogen peroxide instead. Very useful in the garden, it helps to remove yellow stains and bleach plastic furniture. Just use a cloth or sponge to apply this solution. Then leave to act and rinse thoroughly.

Make your garden furniture shine and keep it clean for a long time

You can completely polish your white PVC furniture for even more shine. Here you can use baby cleansing milk or even the car wax. The latter will also leave a thin protective layer on the plastic which will keep it clean longer.

white plastic garden furniture cabinet
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And when there is nothing more to do? How to renovate it?

Good… There is nothing to do! No matter how much you polish and scrub, nothing has made it possible to regain the cleanliness of the first days. However, you can take advantage of the fact that your furniture is clean to renovate it. A shot of white or colored paint will neither seen nor known to give new life to your garden set. On your lounge chairs, start by applying a coat of primer to help the paint hang properly on the PVC. Use a small roller here to paint any awkward nooks, edges and angles. Once it’s dry, then move on to exterior acrylic paint and matte acrylic varnish to seal the paint and protect exterior installations. The rendering will only be better!

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