How to clean a dirty iron soleplate? (7 tips)

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Over time and use, our irons become covered with dirt which can damage them over time. A stained sole can also damage the laundry that you have to detach as best you can (or even burn delicate textiles when you are not lucky!). It also happens that the sole starts to stick because of the dirt residues and the scale deposits which also affect its operation, making ironing even more tedious than it already is. And for all that, you don’t want to scratch your device with a product that is too stripping. Regular maintenance of the soleplate of the iron or the steam generator is therefore recommended, and Grandma knows very well how to clean it without chemicals. Here are some tips to know with ecological cleaning products!

Also remember to carry out regular descaling to avoid malfunctions. Eh yes! taking care of your household appliance also takes part in the care of the laundry. A simple mixture of lukewarm water and vinegar in the water tank or the tub before starting the steam flow will be more than enough to descale it. In the future, use deionized water!

1) Clay stone to clean the soleplate of the iron

Clay stone is a multi-purpose product that will allow you to shine the sole iron. Just apply it with a damp sponge or cloth and rub the surface. It is very effective! You can then wipe gently to remove the brown marks and lime deposits that clog the metal.

2) baking soda

baking soda or sodium
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Its slightly abrasive effects allow scratch stains without leaving scratches. What really make the sole impeccable! To use this cleanser, dilute one tablespoon of baking soda to one teaspoon of hot water. Then, soak a cloth with this mixture and gently rub the dirt.

3) Marseille soap to clean a dirty iron

Soapy water (a capful of black soap or dish soap in hot water) may be sufficient for basic cleaning. However, it can happen that the soles are more clogged. In this case, Marseille soap is a good ally. To do this, either heat the iron or proceed after use. Unplug it and let cool a little to avoid the risk of burns. Then rub the sole directly with the soap or with a cloth dampened with soapy water. This should make it easier to remove dirt. Then rinse with a damp cloth and wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth.

4) toothpaste

dental hygiene toothpaste
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There are many tips and tricks for cleaning everything around the house with toothpaste. On the sole of the iron as on the teeth, it will bring an effect decalcifying and descaling. Rub the surface of the cold iron with a rag to remove stains. Never use it on a hot iron!

5) Hydrogen peroxide, much appreciated for cleaning this device

Need to do a quick cleaning of the iron? Use a soft cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide for this. It is also very effective when the sole begins to yellow with wear.

6) White vinegar or lemon to clean the iron

household vinegar
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If there are black marks on your iron soleplate, use warm white vinegar to rub them. Then wipe with a dry cloth to remove the last traces. This will loosen and shine the iron. Otherwise, there is another acidic solution that is just as effective: lemon juice. Rub the iron with half a lemon or at least one coverslip. Once it is well impregnated, rub gently with a cloth soaked in water. The shine will be there, especially in the case of a yellowed iron soleplate! In combination with fine salt, this will also help remove rust and stubborn stains.

7) Does the soleplate of the iron stick? Here’s how to clean it!

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Ensuring good glide is very important for fast and efficient wrinkle hunting. If this parameter is not there, it is often because of the fouling installed ! In this case, you can try using household alcohol or non-acetone nail polish remover on a clean cloth to remove the grime. Only reserve the solvent with acetone for cases of force majeure characterized by a lot of residue.

Good to know : To effectively clean the holes in the soleplate of your iron, use a cotton swab moistened with the chosen household solution.

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