How do I clean sunscreen stains from clothes?

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In summer, we like to take advantage of the sun’s rays on our skin to tan and let the pleasant feeling of summer heat gently caress us. However, any exposure to the sun must first result in the application of a good sunscreen. This sun protection helps protect the epidermis not only from sunburn, but also from premature skin aging. Unfortunately, at the pool or at the beach, it happens that we accidentally put cream on our clothes, which leaves nasty halos. Here’s how to clean off those stubborn sunscreen stains and remove the lingering yellow streak residue on your favorite t-shirt. In addition to explaining how to remove these soils, we will also tell you how to avoid them in the future.

Why does sunscreen leave such stubborn spots?

The culprit behind the appearance of spots is UVA protection filter. Textile fibers trap it and make removing yellow stains very difficult. And the higher the protection factor, the more concentrated this ingredient will be, increasing the risk of getting stained. Sometimes stains do not appear until after washing. This is amazing, but it is quite simply explained by the presence of metal ions in tap water which bind to the UVA filter and make the stains more visible.

How to avoid sunscreen stains?

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Out of the question to stop protecting the skin on the pretext of not wanting to untie your clothes. In addition, avoiding these stains is very easy! It suffices to allow sunscreen to penetrate and dry completely before dressing. If you are still afraid of stains, avoid fragile fabrics in favor of cotton which is easier to clean. And above all, avoid the use of bleach or too high washing temperatures which risk, as with blood stains, to fix the halos!

How to remove sunscreen stains?

The SOS express solution: sand against sunscreen stains

Directly from the beach, you can directly treat the stain. Just remove as much product as possible and apply sand to the laundry. Leave on for 15 minutes to absorb the stain well and put the garment in the machine on the way in. If you are at the pool and do not have sand, you can use talcum powder or Sommières earth on your return. These powdery solutions are ideal for delicate fabrics.

Dishwashing liquid against stains

You’ve probably noticed it: sun protection is a very fatty product. This is why dishwashing liquid, which is very effective on greasy stains, is a very effective option. Use on stains before washing to ensure stain removal. You can also use other soaps to remove traces: Marseille soap, black soap, beef gall soap or even shampoo with baking soda.

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White vinegar, also very useful

A good soak in vinegar water for an hour may be enough to remove sunscreen stains. After that, head to the washing machine at 30 ° C to finish untying the clothes. You can also soak a clean cloth in this cleaning product and dab the area to be treated. Then, leave to act for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Good to know : For the white, you can also easily replace the vinegar with lemon juice with a few drops of washing up liquid.

Baking powder against sunscreen stains

Baking powder has whitening power and also helps to “eat up” stains. So this is the cleaning product ideal for white. All you need to do is moisten the stain and sprinkle baking powder on it. Leave on for 30 minutes before putting the garment in the washing machine. You can also add the rest of the bag in the washing machine!

A few drops of ammonia or alcohol

Less natural, but very effective on sunscreen stains, ammonia can be applied with a damp cloth. Impregnate the stain, then leave on for about ten minutes before washing in the machine or washing by hand. If you have 70 ° alcohol, you can also use it on a cloth.

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Hand wash or machine wash against sunscreen stains?

Machine washed, a swimsuit can lose all its elasticity. It can also damage fragile clothes. Be sure to read the instructions on the label of your clothing. If they are not worried, start a program favoring liquid detergent, which is more effective on stains. Otherwise, do a hand wash. Especially, for a swimsuit that can go through the machine, do not exceed 30 ° C and opt for a gentle spin.

Good to know : Before starting the machine, you can completely soak the stain with liquid detergent, leave to act for 20 minutes and rinse with water. This product is after all an excellent stain remover, very useful when you have nothing else on hand!

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