Here’s the right routine for a clean, well-maintained home

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While some tasks are easy to accomplish every day, others are less obvious to fit into our busy routine. As a result, some areas are a little dirty. At the same time, it is not always easy to know how often to perform certain household chores. Added to this is the question of the right household products to use to make all the surfaces of the house shine (baking soda, white vinegar, soda crystals or black soap?). and this facilitates their setting aside (until the moment we finally get started, because it is no longer possible to delay the deadline any longer). To keep a home always clean and healthy, here is a to-do calendar to inspire you and give you some ideas.

In the end, everyone has their own organization. So, if you do differently, don’t hesitate to share your tips on how to clean up well and have a successful spring cleaning!

Everyday chores for a clean home

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Air the rooms every day

Airing even for a few minutes can renew the air and limit indoor pollution.

Wash the dishes

Avoid putting off the dishes until later. Dirt dries up and becomes more difficult to deal with.

Tidy up what’s lying around to prevent the mess from building up

Each object has a defined place and we put it back after use.

Clean the hobs, the worktop and the toilets

If necessary, you can wipe the oven plates with a rag if a dish has leaked. The idea is to clean very regularly to avoid a big tedious cleaning to degrease everything. Don’t let tough stains build up and burn! Same thing for the toilets that you should not hesitate to brush daily. This prevents the accumulation of hard water stains.

Sweep the floors

… Or vacuum. This is very important when your pet is losing hair!

To make the beds

take care of ventilate them well before making the bed. This will prevent the accumulation of humidity and heat under the sheets, conducive to the development of dust mites and mold.

The weekly household routine

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Do a major cleaning of the toilet, tub, shower and sink

To scour and disinfect to finish quickly and well with the limestone! And don’t forget to spend a bit on the joints while you’re at it.

Clean mirrors

Do not hesitate to recycle your newspapers of the week to rub each mirror gently.

To dust

Of course, you can dust even more regularly if you suffer from allergic reactions related to dust mites in the dust. However, dusting once a week is the minimum and the opportunity to go to places that you do not necessarily do on a daily basis (knick-knacks, above and below cabinets, etc.).

To do the laundry

Depending on the needs of your family, the laundry may be more frequent of course.

Vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery and mop

Change sheets, towels and bath mats

To do once or twice a month

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Clean the inside of the microwave, fridge and oven

Clean closet doors

Make the windows and wash the curtains

Clean the shower curtains while you’re at it!

Dust light bulbs, baseboards and vents

Disinfect garbage cans

What to avoid bad unpleasant odors!

The seasonal cleaning routine for a clean house

wash your duvet in the washing machine
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Sort the house

Start sorting in the kitchen by the fridge and the pantry. This saves some space by eliminating expired products. In the bedrooms, sort out the clothes that are no longer in season or that you no longer need. This big cleaning will help you see more clearly.

Clean pillows, blankets and quilts

This helps remove dust mites like stains and odors. It is also an opportunity to change the direction of the mattress or to put a duvet more adapted to the outside temperatures.

Clean the washing machine and dishwasher

With this chore, you will avoid the bad smell as well as scale.

Clean windows

A big cleaning is necessary!

This infographic summarizes the steps for keeping a clean and healthy home: 5bfecf35d6e4f6cf01ccb6be7ae64049


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