Here are 5 tips for cleaning your mattress to perfection

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A mattress needs to be cleaned because it easily collects dust, sweat, urine, blood or other grime. However, we don’t always know how to go about removing all of those stains or dust. Here are some tips that can help you clean your mattress.

Remember to apply your products with a washcloth or a slightly damp sponge (never with plenty of water!) On the entire surface to avoid demarcations and halos.

1 / Dishwashing liquid

This is a very good tip for clean his mattress. We all have it at home, you just need to take a few drops and dampen your sponge with hot water to clean your mattress. This will allowremove stains considerably.

2 / soda crystals

Soda crystals are very effective in cleaning your mattress. It is enough to mix it with hot water and to rub the traces with this solution. This will allow thoroughly clean your mattress. You can also put some on your mattress and let it air dry so that the stains disappear, it is a very good technique to clean your mattress.

cleaning a mattress with dish soap
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3 / White vinegar

White vinegar is known as a effective cleaner for your home. Indeed, it allows you to clean the most stubborn stains: whether in your kitchen, in your bathroom or even in your bedroom. It therefore allows clean a lot of thingsincluding your mattress! You can then protect your mattress with a disposable mattress protector so that it gets dirty less quickly the next time.

4 / Ammonia

Ammonia is a very strong and toxic product. It is, however, very effective in cleaning the most stubborn stains. Please wash your mattress outside, with gloves and a mask to be more comfortable. You can dissolve this product with hot water and scrub your mattress with this solution.

cleaning a mattress with baking soda
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5 / Dry the mattress

Be careful when cleaning, because you moisten your bedding. The mattress can therefore take on mold. The important thing is to remove the stains in the morning, so that the rest of the day is used to leave dry your mattress.

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