8 tips to clean your terracotta tiles perfectly without damaging them

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Full of charm and authenticity, old terracotta tiles require some good maintenance to preserve all their beauty. Well maintained and cleaned, this flooring will indeed follow you for many years without too much wear and tear. However, we do not always know which household products to use to pamper them. They are in fact porous, which makes them difficult to clean, as they easily absorb dirt and liquids. With Grandma, discover how to clean your terracotta tiles without damaging them with the best natural products.

1) Basic advice to properly clean your terracotta tiles

First of all, you should always dust off these terracotta tiles before cleaning the floor. Then use a suitable product without trying to overdose it. Terracotta tiles require a gentle cleaner and a few drops are usually sufficient to remove dirt. If you put in too much product or use something that is too greasy, you risk clogging them. And above all, provide the right tools: a broom, a sponge broom or a microfiber broom will clean and polish the tiles without damaging or scratching, followed by what is necessary to dry the floor well immediately after cleaning (do not wait at the risk of having traces!). If there is an oil or grease stain, quickly wipe the floor with a paper towel. This will prevent dirt from getting too encrusted in the tiles.

2) sparkling water

Well known to deodorize animal urine odors, sparkling water is also a great product for revive and enhance terracotta tiles. It is enough to pour some on the ground and especially between the joints. Then all you have to do is give a microfiber mop previously moistened with water for rinsing. You can also more simply directly soak the mop with this drink and scrub the floor.

terracotta tiles
Credits: Wikimedia Comm Christophe Moustier (large joint tiles)

3) Dishwashing liquid or black soap to clean the terracotta tiles

These basic products are very effective for soil treatment. They have the advantage of being soft, but well concentrated. Dilute a few drops in a bucket of hot water before proceeding to the application on your terracotta tiles. Using hot water will also help loosen your paving. You can use your soaps on the entire floor, but also on stubborn stains. By rubbing with a soft brush, stains will quickly be forgotten.

4) baking soda

It is very effective on terracotta tiles, and in particular on sometimes very dirty joints. To use this stain remover, dilute one cup in one liter of hot water. Then apply your product with a microfiber broom. Finish by rinsing with clean water so as not to leave traces on the floor. This could tarnish them. You can also clean and shine your terracotta tiles with a little house cleaning product ! To do this, incorporate 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 35 cl of linseed oil to 1l of black soap in a bottle. Dilute 1 to 2 capfuls of this mixture in your bucket to bring shine to the floor.

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