8 essential tips to avoid midges at home

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Against midges, we often know tricks to eliminate them. We put a bottle with apple cider vinegar in the kitchen or we plant sulfur matches in the soil of the plants and spray black soap. However, the ideal remains to avoid the installation of these little animals in the house. And to limit the proliferation of these unwanted insects, which are particularly numerous with the arrival of sunny days, there are also many natural tips! Attracted by humidity, odors, food and heat helping and with very fast laying capacities, it is better to act quickly. So, learn all the right things to do to avoid swarms of midges at home.

1) don’t leave dirty dishes lying around

dirty dishes
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Dirty dishes as well as countertops have crumbs and food residues that these little flies love. It is therefore out of the question to leave the dishes on the edge of the sink! So don’t wait forever. Clean up systematically any plate, table, or countertop that you have used for cooking. Thus, they will not be tempted to settle down!

2) Hunt stagnant water to avoid midges

water tap
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All sources of humidity are very popular with these little animals. This is why we often observe clouds of insects around the sink or plants that have just been watered. Also, it is not necessary leave no trace of standing water in the house. This ranges from water in the sink to the cup of plant pots to the simple glass of water left on the counter. Be very rigorous! In addition, standing water also attracts mosquitoes. You will therefore do a double hit by removing them.

3) take care of your trash

odor bin
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Its bad smells are not overwhelming for you. Nevertheless, midges are of another opinion! If you are looking for a way to eliminate these squatters, then you will have to take care of the trash can. Opt for a model with clapper or lid that you will always keep closed. And especially, empty your bins more often. This will prevent the formation of unpleasant odors and mold. Flies and midges will thus be less tempted! In the event of an infestation, make it a point of honor to clean the bin and its lid more often. Vinegar is ideal here. You can then use charcoal, clay or litter to absorb odors and moisture. Also think of essential oils on a cotton ball to perfume the trash.

4) Don’t leave food out if you want to avoid midges

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Once you have finished using a food, put it right away in the fridge. If leftover food is left on the counter for too long, it will quickly attract these little animals. And this is even more true for foods that have no packaging (cling film, etc.). There are then even more odors. The best is therefore only take out food when you are ready to use it and put them away the rest of the time. If they don’t go in the fridge, investing in airtight cans or jars will help limit odors in the kitchen. This will also prevent food moths and cockroaches. As for the peelings of fruits and vegetables, throw them away immediately after cooking, always to limit odors and not leave them an accessible pantry. Finally, concerning red wine and white wine, do not leave an open bottle without a cork.

Important: If you are composting, choose the location of the compost bin. The further away he is from home and especially from the kitchen, the better!

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