7 mistakes you should never make again

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Almost automatically, we slip the laundry into the washing machine and start it… committing a few odd numbers in the process! Still, things are not that simple, especially when it comes to bedding maintenance. Choice of wash cycle, wash temperature, choice of detergent, etc. Many parameters come into play and make the difference between a well washed white or colored laundry and a laundry that smells bad, always stained and very wrinkled after drying. Here are some common mistakes when machine washing sheets to avoid in the future to keep your bed sets even longer.

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1) Too infrequent washing

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Over the days, our sheets collect dust, dead skin, perspiration (and other bodily fluids), care products and germs, a number of elements which mites feed on and which promote the development of germs. and mushrooms. These residues can also promote acne pimples, the pores of the skin being clogged. A study even highlighted the fact that we lose every night about 15 million cells of the skin and that a dirty sheet shelters 39 times more bacteria than an animal’s bowl and thousands of times more than the toilet seat. And that goes even if you shower at night!

Ideally, the sheets should be washed at least once every 10 days that can be stretched to a maximum of two weeks. In summer, it is better to count on one wash per week, as well as in other cases:
-If your pets sleep with you or you smoke in the room
-In case of heavy night sweats or illness and convalescence
-If you have allergies, especially an allergy to dust mites
-If you sleep naked
-In case you work in the restaurant business

2) Carry the sheets against you when you change them

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Separating the clean from the dirty is a basic rule of hygiene, and this also applies to bed linen. When changing the sheets, avoid shaking them, which spreads bacteria and dust all over the room. In addition, it is not recommended to hold the sheets against you to carry them to the machine. Remember you are holding your dirty, damp sheets against your clean clothes! Preferably remove them and fold them summarily before slipping them into a basket intended for the transport of dirty laundry and dirty clothes.

3) neglecting the stain treatment

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Passing through the washing machine may tend to set organic stains and make them difficult to treat after washing. This is why it is always advisable to treat stains before washing clothes in the washing machine. Here you can use any effective stain remover starting with Marseille soap or the homemade k2r recipe with baking soda and black soap. Thus, there is no need to rewash the sheets a second time, because no stain or dirt can resist!

4) Wash with the wrong detergent

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Except in the case of baby sheets which require particularly mild liquid detergent or powder detergent, it is not necessary to opt for a particular detergent. However, it is necessary to limit the use of aggressive detergents or bleach, especially on natural fibers that this can make rough (silk, linen and satin). Percarbonate of soda is ideal for bleaching sheets without damaging them. Baking soda can soften and preserve colors if it is added to laundry. Finally, white vinegar can be used as a softener and will remove the residual bad odors of perspiration. This will be much better than the fabric softener which will prevent the fibers from absorbing sweat well in the long run.

5) Wash too hot

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Oh no! no need to wash the sheets at 60 ° C minimum to kill germs. This was indeed true for old machines, but not for newer models which wash better even at low temperatures. In addition, a too hot wash can weaken the fabrics, and it is not ideal for the environment. Moreover, everything will depend on the material and the type of fabric to be washed! The label will be valuable here, but if you have removed it, be aware that cotton is considered to be more resistant. Count between 40 and 60 ° for a perfect wash. On the other hand, for colored or black laundry, do not exceed 40 ° as for linen. Polyester can be washed at 50 ° C and satin at 30 ° C maximum.

6) Incorrectly load the machine

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First of all, avoid overloading the machine. Indeed, this promotes knots and folds in the laundry and washes less well. A well washed laundry should be well shaken! It is also always advisable to wash a complete matching sheet set. This makes it possible to wash the same colors and fabrics together (cotton with cotton, polyester with polyester, etc.). Thus, the colors and patterns on the duvet covers and pillow cases will remain unchanged. Washing in different colors or textures may result in friction that can damage the laundry faster. Remember also that it is better to close a possible zipper. This will prevent damage to the rest of the laundry by rubbing! Finally, put your colored sheets inside out to preserve the color.

7) Do not dry the laundry properly

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Forgetting the sheets for too long in your machine before hanging them out is one of the mistakes to avoid when washing. Prefer a good drying in the open air without waiting at the end of the machine to avoid any bad unpleasant odor. As for the dryer, it can be considered, but preferably at low temperature so as not to damage your textiles! And it remains much less ecological than the clothes line …

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