4 tips to sort dirty laundry efficiently and save time

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If the chore of laundry is one of the most tiring tasks, it is above all because it is not just about putting dirty clothes in the machine. It also comes with the chore of ironing after leaving everything to dry on the drying rack. And of course, before even getting started, there is the famous “treasure hunt” that accompanies all the laundry that should be. We then have to go through the whole house to find everything that lies outside the dirty laundry, look for the second sock under the bed, empty the pockets, return the clothes … To make your job easier and save a lot of time, here are some easy tips for sorting dirty laundry efficiently.

1) Get organized to properly sort dirty laundry

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First, assess your needs. A large laundry basket will suffice for one person. However, a single laundry basket, even large capacity, will quickly run the risk of overflowing in a large family. You will then have to invest in several laundry baskets to find your way there or a linen closet. There are models with handles, compartments or wheels depending on your needs. Also, consider allocate spaces dedicated to dirty and clean laundry. This will prevent them from accumulating in impractical areas. Finally, set a schedule and stick to this routine. For example, you can do the linens on Saturday, the white on Tuesday and the rest of the laundry on Thursday. But above all, everyone must be clear with a rule: always put laundry in a dirty laundry basket to be able to visualize the need or not to wash the laundry.

2) Sort dirty laundry in the most convenient way for you

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There are several options here:

– Linens and family linen
-The colors, white and dark fabrics
-Underwear and the rest of the linen.
– Lightly soiled and very dirty clothes (sports and hiking clothes, tea towels and bath towels, etc.)
– Per family member (provide here a laundry basket per bedroom)
-The new clothes apart (full of harmful substances, they also tend to bleed onto the rest of the laundry)
-Sort the laundry according to the material (synthetic materials, natural fibers and delicate fabrics)

It is important here to read the labels carefully, in particular to identify laundry that does not go into the machine.

3) Use and abuse delicate laundry nets

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It protects underwear from chafing and the rest of the laundry like the washing machine drum from bra clips. You can also ask your family to slip their socks on every night without fail. This will avoid single socks and it will facilitate sorting and storage in everyone’s closet after drying!

4) Small extra steps to properly sort dirty laundry

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Remember to check the pockets to remove tissues, chewing gum, bobby pins and coins. This will avoid damaging the machine. Also, remember to turn over the pants, close the zips and open the buttons. Last step: pretreat and detach the clothes when sorting to save time and not have any unpleasant surprises after washing.

Good to know: If you don’t have a laundry room and you put the dirty laundry in a poorly ventilated bathroom, it may have bad odors and be damaged with moisture and mold. If you can’t help it, at least put baking soda in the laundry tub to neutralize the smell.

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