4 good reasons to use white vinegar for kitchen maintenance

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Of all cleaning products, white vinegar is arguably the best known, most versatile and efficient ecological and economical household cleaner. Of course, black soap, soda crystals and citric acid are all natural products that are also very powerful. But it is very effective on all surfaces. It knows how to spray stains like no other thanks to its degreasing, disinfecting, stain remover, deodorant, descaling and softening effect. We don’t do better to scrub the whole house. We had already sung you its praises for the maintenance of the linen and the washing machine. Now check out all the great reasons to use white vinegar in the kitchen for just about anything! Enough to quickly forget about less ecological chemicals with a simple can of translucent liquid and a good microfiber cloth.

1) You can degrease and detach the whole kitchen with white vinegar

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His acetic acid gives this household product a very useful acidity to clean and maintain the house from floor to ceiling. Non-toxic, it is quite suitable for use in the kitchen where products such as bleach are not recommended. For example, you can simply degrease and detach dishes by letting them soak for a few hours in very hot water with two glasses of white vinegar added. You can also pour it into a burnt saucepan and put on the heat to remove food residue. Slipped into a cup and heated in the microwave, it will release a steam to thesoftening effect on stains. You will just have to wipe your sponge. Moreover, it will be ideal for cleaning windows, sanitizing the fridge and a cutting board or even scratching tile joints covered with mold, for example.

Be careful not to use it on porous materials or to let wooden utensils soak in it. This may cause them to curl.

2) Descale everything in the kitchen with white vinegar

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You may already be using this eco-friendly limescale in your iron, shower head or washing machine. Its acetic acid is indeed an excellent descaling agent allowing dissolve tartar on surfaces (splashback, sink, taps, etc.). Just rub with a sponge and continue with a good rinse and polish with a clean cloth. Otherwise, it can be used in household appliances. To descale the coffee pod machine or coffee machine, fill the water tank with an equal mixture of water and vinegar. Then empty the tank halfway by operating the machine, leave for one hour. Then rinse three times, this time filling the tank with clean water. For the kettle, leave the vinegar water to act for at least 30 minutes before rinsing it several times.

3) White vinegar to deodorize every corner of the kitchen

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Used for the maintenance of the dishwasher during a very hot wash cycle, it will neutralize tartar and bad odors. And if cleaning the refrigerator with alcohol vinegar isn’t enough to remove any bad odor, you can also count on a bowl of vinegar slipped inside to absorb the hints. You can also add lemon juice or a few slices of citrus fruit for even more freshness. Last point, it can completely deodorize and unclog the pipes! To do this, first pour baking soda into the piping and then cover it well with the vinegar. However, to counter bad odors, pouring pure vinegar in it will be more than enough.

4) It also makes silverware shine

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This versatile, natural product is excellent for making dishes, silverware and glassware shine. It can easily be used on grandma’s copper tableware or silver coins found in second hand. To add shine to your objects, simply use a mixture of one quarter of vinegar to three quarters of water in a spray bottle. You can draw your spray as soon as necessary to polish the dishes and remove the dishes like tarnish!

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