3 essential natural products for cleaning the bathroom

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Bleach, ammonia, caustic soda … There is no need for chemicals to get rid of lime and stubborn stains of mold in the bathroom. And it is also not necessary to multiply the maintenance products. With just three very basic and ecological natural and biodegradable household products, you will be able to clean dirt from floor to ceiling without difficulty! White vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and black soap are indeed all you need to make this room shine and sanitize without harming the planet.

1) Baking soda: the best of natural products for the bathroom

clean wall salt baking sponge
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You can buy baking soda in the salt section of the supermarket or in drugstores. Ecological and economical, this household product offers a slight abrasive power and an ideal alkalinity for the maintenance of the house, and in particular of the bathroom. This allows you to remove encrusted stains and scrub with an excellent degreasing, deodorizing and stain removing power. You can sprinkle it on a damp sponge to polish all surfaces, from glass to enamel to resin. It is also possible to replace the sponge with half a lemon or grapefruit for better efficiency on limestone while providing a fruity smell. By making a thick paste made from baking soda and lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide, you can scrub the tile joints around the house with a toothbrush. Mold won’t crease!

2) White vinegar… obviously!

household vinegar
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The king of natural household products is an outstanding lime remover that makes cleaning and degreasing the bathroom very easy. It suffices in particular to heat it up before sliding it into a spray bottle to spray the dirt encrusted on the glass, plastic or plexiglass shower screens. (Avoid using it on a stone shower screen!) A lightly abrasive sponge will do the rest. If necessary, you can also soak a cloth in vinegar and leave for several hours on the traces of tartar before rubbing. This is perfect for the faucet, faucet or mixer that you thought to replace until then (on this page for example). A bath in vinegar water will also make a shower head or the tap of the faucet like new.

That’s not all ! You can also use two glasses to deodorize a pipe. And if you precede this gesture by applying a large glass of baking soda or soda crystals in the pipe, your vinegar will allow it to unclog it very effectively.

3) black soap

black soap beauty cleaning maintenance household stains
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In terms of effectiveness on dirt in a bathroom, black soap exceeds a number of natural products and soaps often used in the bathroom (Marseille soap, dishwashing liquid, etc.). It is thus very similar to clay stone, another equivalent multipurpose product very popular for cleaning. It will clean the shower curtain frommaintain porous surfaces on which vinegar is not recommended (cement tiles, marble…). So this is the one you need for a natural stone shower! It is also a must-have product for cleaning a white enamel bathtub without damaging it. It will regain all its shine!

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