15 things you can clean with hydrogen peroxide

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Many people have hydrogen peroxide in their medicine cabinet, both for disinfecting wounds and for bleaching down, lightening hair, whitening teeth, or treating yeast infection on their feet. However, this product still hides many other sometimes unusual uses. This unparalleled stain remover and whitener puts classic bleach to the poles and, like lemon, it has many household uses. Find out about the many things you can clean, whiten, renovate and stain with hydrogen peroxide.

1) Perfect for detaching laundry

garment lipstick stain
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Hydrogen peroxide removes blood stains, wine stains, yellow sweat stains, ink stains or even lipstick stains. This works especially on white clothes (to avoid damaging a colored fabric, test on an inconspicuous area to make sure there is no discoloration). Soak a cloth in this solution and dab the stained area until it fades. Finally, put the garment in the washing machine to start a normal wash cycle.

2) Disinfect toothbrushes

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The toothbrush is changed regularly. However, between two changes, they are real nests for bacteria (especially when you are sick!). To clean your toothbrushes, let them soak overnight in a glass of water before rinsing very thoroughly.

3) For fabric bleaching

The bleaching effect of hydrogen peroxide is very effective, especially for bleaching laundry (clothes, white curtains and curtains, etc.). Soaking the laundry for a few hours in a basin of hot water with the addition of hydrogen peroxide helps to remove halos and tarnish. It will then suffice to rinse thoroughly and let dry to finish restoring shine to dull textiles.

4) Hydrogen peroxide to clean stubborn mildew stains from walls

mold bathroom tile wall
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Hydrogen peroxide can be very useful if you notice traces of mold. Pour it into a spray bottle and spray on the mold. Leave on before rubbing! The fungi will be effectively eliminated.

5) To recover dirty tile joints

Dry the tile with a microfiber cloth to remove all moisture. Then spray hydrogen peroxide on the joints and leave to act for a few minutes (this will help to clean them). Scrub the joints with an old toothbrush and repeat if necessary. If that’s not enough, you can add baking soda to make a soft dough. Your tile joints will be impeccable again!

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