13 common mistakes to avoid with your washing machine

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Even after long months or even years of use, you can still find yourself making small mistakes with the washing machine. However, certain actions can be detrimental to the durability of this household appliance and cause breakdowns that are nevertheless easily avoidable. And of course, improper use can also damage clothes, wash them improperly or leave an unpleasant bad smell in the fibers. This is the reason why Grandma has listed a few mistakes to avoid with the washing machine here.

1) Forgetting to empty the pockets before putting in the machine: one of the most common mistakes

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Items ensuring the rigidity of a shirt collar, such as the pockets of jackets and pants, must always be checked. Indeed, it would be harmful to machine potentially useful money or tickets. Parts or small items (pins, chewing gum, etc.) can also damage the machine like delicate clothes. As for handkerchiefs, they can put fibers on all clothes and clog the drain pump filter. This kind of small oversight can therefore cause a breakdown. So remember to empty your pockets. Always in order not to damage the clothes or the machine, also think of close the zips and open the buttons.

2) Overloading the washing machine with clothes

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To save time and limit your laundry chore, it can be tempting to stuff as many clothes as possible into the drum. However, this technique is counterproductive, because the clothes no longer have the space to roll in the drum. The cleaning is therefore no longer optimal and this increases the friction causing wear and tear on the laundry. We can therefore end up with clothes that are still dirty, smelly and very wrinkled. The chore of ironing or the second machine to catch up will therefore quickly make you forget the time “saved” with an overloaded machine. In addition, there are also risk of engine failure. The good trick ? Make sure you can fit a hand between the laundry and the top of the drum!

3) Have a heavy hand on detergents

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Adding more will not “wash clothes better” or make them smell good. These products are potent enough in small amounts. Thus, overdoing the amount of detergent and fabric softener risks saturating the fibers of the clothes, causing skin irritations. It is also very bad for the environment and it clogs the various parts that make up the machine. Over time, this leaves residue in the device, facilitating the appearance of bad odors. In the end, the laundry is therefore not cleaner and may even smell bad. It is therefore one of the worst mistakes if you intend to keep your washing machine for a long time and clean the laundry well. Simply follow the recommendations on the product depending on the degree of soiling of the laundry, the amount to be washed or the hardness of the water.

4) Bleach in the washing machine… one of the worst mistakes!

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In addition to seriously polluting the water, bleach is a product very aggressive for clothes. It ruins the elastics of socks and underwear and can ruin laundry over time. In regular use, it can also prove to be very dangerous for the proper functioning of the machine. It tends to gnawing machine seal ! Fortunately, it can easily be replaced with two tablespoons of percarbonate of soda to bleach the laundry and a glass of white vinegar to deodorize the laundry and sanitize the washing machine.

5) Remove labels from clothes

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Labels indicate valuable information for proper laundry care. Without them, it’s hard to know if a garment can go through the washing machine (and at what temperature so as not to be deformed), be ironed without burning, put in the dryer without getting damaged … If you absolutely cannot stand labels, because It’s itchy, at least remember to check them before you throw them away to see if a garment needs special care. If necessary, you can keep the label in a drawer or the sew in a pocket or an inconspicuous and inconspicuous area to have a trace without being disturbed!

6) poorly preparing clothes before washing

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For jeans and clothes whose colors can be damaged, it is better to wash inside out systematically. This avoids friction with other clothes which cause the color to fade.

Another point not to be overlooked: the net for socks, tights, panties … This type of small clothing can indeed be faster wear out with contact with other clothes. And above all, there is a risk that they will be swallowed by the machine. They go then slip into the tub-pump hose of your washing machine, which can be the cause of breakdowns. An easy problem to solve if everyone puts their dirty underwear in a net to facilitate washing and sorting when drying. Otherwise, wash by hand!

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