10 uses to clean everything in the house

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With such a name, this natural product that is non-toxic to the environment can sometimes be a little intimidating. However, citric acid simply designates the active principle of lemon juice, and if it is used well, its uses will leave a house clean in every corner (household appliances, pipes…). Indeed, with its anti-limescale, antifungal and bactericidal effect, this cleaning product does not have to be ashamed of its efficiency and versatility. It alone can replace many harmful chemicals! So if you are looking for ecological household products to complete your arsenal, do not forget to slip it in your cupboards. He will be able to prove himself useful in all situations.

Warning: it is advisable to wear gloves when using it, as it can be irritating to the skin or eyes. In addition, always remember to dilute it before using it, but never with other products at the risk of obtaining a chemical reaction. Its use is also not recommended on surfaces such as aluminum, enamel, natural stones or marble.

1) Descale everything in the house with citric acid

washing machine washing machine
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This unparalleled descaling product removes traces of scale from all surfaces of the house as well as from household appliances. Here’s how to do it:

How to descale your coffee machine ? Pour into the reservoir 1 to 2 tablespoons of citric acid that you have taken care to dissolve in a liter of water. Then, let a cup flow and leave for 30 minutes. Finally, let the rest of the solution run out and rinse the coffee maker at least twice with clear water.
For descaling the kettle, we keep the same mixture as before. It should be boiled briefly in the machine and then left to act for 30 minutes. Remember to rinse well.
Descale the washing machine goes by sprinkling 6 to 8 tablespoons directly into the drum. Leave to run for a complete cycle at 90 ° C (without clothes).
To descale faucets and water reducers or the shower head, it is necessary to dissolve 2 to 5 tablespoons of citric acid in 1 liter of hot water. This solution can be used on a cloth or sponge to rub the areas to be treated or to soak them using a securely attached plastic bag.
-Finally, for the limestone in the steam generator, heat 75 cl of water to 40 ° C and incorporate 70 g of citric acid. Then you have to fill the tank with this mixture and put it to the boil. All that remains is to release a few jets of steam, leave to act for a few hours and empty and then rinse the tank.

2) Ideal against burning in a stainless steel saucepan or frying pan

burnt pan
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Exit the bleach that eats away at the pots ! Against burnt marks, heat 2 tablespoons of citric acid in 1 cup of water directly in the burnt pan. This will help remove the stains. This will allow you to scrub and rinse your pan, which will be like new again.

3) citric acid to make the toilet shine

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The toilet bowl is often very difficult to clean! However, citric acid can help clean, descale, shine and whiten toilets. It is enough for this to boil a liter of water and add 3 spoons of citric acid. Make sure here to mix well so as to dissolve the grains effectively. Then pour your household product into the toilet and leave to act for 15 minutes. (If you are worried about damaging the enamel of the toilet, pour in the hot product, but not boiling.) Use the brush to scrub and flush to remove the natural cleanser. And that’s all !

4) Moss the terrace

moss terrace slabs
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The mosses, lichens and other fungi that dot the tiles of the terrace have better watch out! In a bucket of lukewarm water (3 to 5 liters depending on the surface to be treated), pour 300 g of citric acid, 75 g of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 7 drops of essential oil tea tree. Spray this mixture on the surfaces to be treated. However, make sure that the tiles are dry and that bad weather is not expected to allow the product to act as it wishes. This anti-foam is ecological, natural and very effective ! However, avoid on marble, terracotta or granite which could discolor.

5) Against rust stains, citric acid works wonders

screws bolts rust
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How to remove rust from knives, tools, grates, clothes, linens, etc. ? Make a paste with citric acid and a little water. You can use it to scrub all rusty surfaces before proceeding with a good rinse. However, we advise you to carry out the test on an inconspicuous area in case of doubt beforehand, in particular on fragile textiles. And if you want to strip larger metal surfaces such as grill plates or a barbecue grill, associate this powder … with Coca Cola ! Let your objects soak in this mixture then rub. Elbow grease will do the rest.

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