10 unexpected, but brilliant uses for dishwasher tablets

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Dishwasher tablets are generally confined to single use: washing the dishes in the dedicated household appliance. Logic ! However, like toothpaste whose uses do not stop with brushing teeth, these tablets can be used for a whole bunch of unusual cleanings. Diluted in hot water, we obtain an ultra concentrated cleaning product. Linen and bathroom maintenance, various stains, dirt on the walls, etc. Discover the little-known and unsuspected uses of dishwasher tablets to clean all surfaces in the house. Remember to handle them with gloves for safety during your cleaning.

Since these tablets are not cheap, feel free to perform several cleanings suggested here with a single tablet. The mode of use is often the same for these different tips. Otherwise, you can sell off a stock of dishwasher tablets bought at the lowest price in family format that you do not find efficient enough for washing dishes. Last idea: make your homemade lozenges with natural ingredients. Economical and ecological!

1) Dishwasher tablets to clean the oven

Clean dirty oven door
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Stains and scorched food residue are always very difficult to remove. For scrub and scrub your oven, a dishwasher tablet is ideal! It suffices here to soak the areas to be treated with water. Then, gently rub these dirt covered areas directly with the tablet and let sit for a while depending on the level of soiling. Finally, wipe the sponge or a clean damp cloth to remove the product and the last traces. This is ideal for cleaning the oven glass or the bottom. Another possibility: cover the bottom of the oven with hot water in which you have left to infuse one or two tablets, then rub after having taken care to let it act.

2) Grind a burnt pan or a very dirty dish

burnt pan
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For dishes and utensils that cannot be put in the dishwasher or if a normal washing program is not enough, you can put your tablets to work differently for a very efficient and optimal cleaning. Eh yes! Occasionally, nothing beats hand washing and good old elbow grease, especially for a gratin dish, a cake tin or a saucepan covered with burnt residue and fat. To do this, pour hot water into the soiled container and add a dishwasher tablet. Leave to act for at least 1 hour. The longer you leave on, the better the result will be, so if you can wait all night that’s even better! The next day, all you have to do is rub and rinse as usual. Your dishes will be like new!

3) find an impeccable washing machine

washing machine washing machine
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Like any appliance filled with lime and household product residue that can leave unpleasant bad odors, the washing machine needs a little cleaning from time to time. Here, white vinegar or citric acid are excellent candidates. These cleaning products are also natural, ecological and economical. However, you can also use a dishwasher detergent tablet for troubleshooting. This will allowremove dirt, encrusted fibers, limescale and germs very easily. To do this, run a cycle at 60 ° C with two dishwasher tablets in the drum. Repeat every two months to thoroughly clean the washing machine and ensure its durability. You will have nothing to complain about in terms of cleanliness!

4) Dishwasher tablets for cleaning white laundry

white linen whiteness bleach bleaching garment
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To restore the shine to white and make sure it stays that way, this is a good tip! Thus, you can find the whiteness of tarnished clothes with time and washes without separating the colors. All you have to do here is replace the detergent with a tablet. But beware: this only works for white laundry. Otherwise, you might discolor your colored clothes.

5) Make the toilet or shower shine

glass shower screen
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For a pristine white in the toilet or a shower cubicle cleared of all limestone on these walls, dishwasher tablets can do wonders. For toilets, it will suffice to slide a tablet in the bottom and let it dissolve and act for several hours before rubbing. The whitening will be very effective and you will no longer see any traces of hard water in the bowl. For the shower, dilute a tablet in hot water and rub the walls with a cloth soaked in this solution to fight against stains.

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