10 things you should NEVER put in the dishwasher

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The dishwasher is becoming essential in our kitchens! In addition to limiting our water consumption, this household appliance makes our daily lives easier by saving us time. It allows you to wash dishes and an assortment of other everyday items in no time, not to mention that you can also cook up some good little dishes. Just slip in your tablets, rinse aid if necessary and start the wash cycle: it does all the rest of the work! However, some materials do not support this machine which therefore has some limitations. So, you have to be careful not to wash everything and anything there at the risk of damaging your utensils, cutlery or plates even if this saves a little elbow grease and time. Here are those things you should never put in the dishwasher.

1) distrust with glasses

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Both crystal and blown glass do not withstand the heat that reigns in this device associated with a strong abrasive pressure very badly, but this concerns all glasses in general. Dirt is replaced by scratches and white deposits linked to the hardness of the water if you have not installed a water softener. Once the white marks and stripes have been installed, you can always try to recover your dishes with white vinegar. However, these efforts are often in vain! Better to wash by hand and wipe well against the limestone.

2) Aluminum kitchen items

stainless steel saucepan
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From disposable plates to pots and pans to baking sheets, all aluminum accessories are not anodized, and that’s why it’s best never to put them there even if the label mentions that the utensil in question is “dishwasher safe”. The detergent used may indeed be too aggressive, because it is too alkaline. It goes then cause corrosion which will tarnish, darken and damage the coating.

Good to know: Your thermos are placed in the same boat, their insulation layer can decompose. Be sure to read the packaging carefully before washing.

3) Your good chef’s knives

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If you want to preserve the sharpness of your kitchen or hollow-handled knives, avoid putting them in the dishwasher. This will only wear them down and blunt faster where others can warp. A quality knife should always be hand washed!

4) Graduated accessories

measuring glass
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Here is a lesson a little learned “the hard way” after an afternoon baking… Unfortunately, they should never be put in the dishwasher, because the writings will erase, especially on plastic. After two washes, your measuring cups will therefore not measure anything at all!

5) Non-stick pans and saucepans + cast iron pans

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The dishwasher harms the adhesive coating of your pots and pans. The food ends up sticking, and that’s not what we want! As for the cast iron pans, they should never be put in the dishwasher. Indeed, this will make them prematurely rust and cause them to lose their properties. Your stove will be good for the trash …

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