When and how to properly clean your toothbrush

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Most often, after brushing the teeth, we quickly rinse the toothbrush under a stream of water, but do we think of cleaning it and disinfect ? Rarely! However, the mouth is a real nest of microbes, and food residues or oral bacteria that remain stuck to the bristles of the brush head, if not removed, can become contaminants. The ambient air in the bathroom can also be harmful to our dental and oral health. Clean and disinfect your electric toothbrush or manual is therefore a necessity. But how to do and at what rate to sterilize it?

How to properly clean an electric toothbrush or not

how to properly clean your toothbrush

When and how to clean your toothbrush

Whether the brush is electric or not, this cleaning must be done after each brushing.

To rid your toothbrush head or head electric toothbrush,unscrewed from the handle, toothpaste and food residue, rinse for a few seconds under hot tap water.

Then blot the brush head and its handle with absorbent paper to prevent mold growth.

Store the manual brush in a glass, head up, in the open air.

Clean the toothbrush handle

About twice a week, take the handle out of the base then pass over the handle and the metal part on which it snaps a paper towel impregnated with 70 ° alcohol.

Clean the base of the electric toothbrush

After each toothbrushing, clean the brown ring left by the electric brush on the base with a paper towel.

Twice a week disinfect it with a paper towel impregnated with 70 ° alcohol or alcohol gel.

how to properly clean electric toothbrush

More thorough cleaning and disinfection of the brush

Every 2 days soak the brush for 30 minutes in a glass filled with one of these solutions.


– Avoid your toothbrush and other family members toothbrushes to touch each other,

they could become contaminated.

– Do not place a plastic brush guard on the toothbrush.

This device encloses which the bristles of the brush promotes the multiplication of microbes.

– Avoid any contact between the tip of the toothpaste tube and the bristles of the brush

You could contaminate the toothpaste.

– Regularly clean the toothbrush

Machine wash or rinse with disinfectant solution to clean the brush.

clean, disinfect, rinse toothbrush

Cleaning solution antiseptics and antibacterials for the toothbrush

– Bicarbonate

Cleaner, deodorant, calming, disinfectant bicarbonate is provided with great qualities.

We should always have baking soda at home.

How to make a baking soda disinfectant solution

In a glass pour hot water over a tablespoon of baking soda.

Stir the solution well with the brush, and let it soak overnight.

Wipe off with a paper towel.

– Clove

The clove which has an antibacterial effect will be able to destroy bacteria.

How to make a clove disinfectant solution

In a mug pour boiling water over 6 cloves.

Let steep for 10 minutes, covered.

Remove the nails, then submerge the head of the toothbrush for at least an hour.

– Bleach

The bleach solution should only be used exceptionally, after an illness for example.

How to make a disinfectant solution with bleach

In a glass of water pour a teaspoon of bleach

– Oxygenated water

Hydrogen peroxide, colorless liquid sold in pharmacies is a good antiseptic, made in a natural way.

How to make a disinfectant solution with hydrogen peroxide

Once a month, in the evening, soak the head of the brush in a glass filled with water with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide at 10 volumes.

Rinse thoroughly in the morning.

– microwave

This is a quick and effective solution for eliminating all germs on the toothbrush.

How to disinfect the toothbrush using the microwave

Once a week, immerse the toothbrush or the head of the electric toothbrush in a glass or bowl of water.
Place the bowl in the microwave, and turn it on to the power of 1000 Watt for 1 minute.

– Salt and essential oil of peppermint

Salt and peppermint will effectively sanitize and disinfect the toothbrush.

How to make a disinfectant solution with salt and essential oil

In a glass dilute 1 teaspoon of salt in lukewarm water and add 1 to 2 drops of essential oil pepper mint.

Immerse the brush head in the solution, leaving it overnight.

Rinse then dry.

– White vinegar or apple cider vinegar

White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are excellent natural disinfectants.

How to make a vinegar disinfectant solution

Every 2 or 3 days, immerse the brush head in a glass filled with a solution of half of hot water and vinegar for at least 5 hours.

Rinse then dry.

How long to keep your toothbrush

Crushed toothbrush bristles? How to straighten them

Pour very hot water into a bowl.

Put your toothbrush in it and swirl it around in the bowl.

The hairs will straighten out.
If this trick doesn’t work, the toothbrush needs to be replaced.

A toothbrush with bent and twisted bristles does not allow good brushing.

How long to keep your toothbrush

Change your toothbrush about every 3 months.

But also after a bad cold, the flu or a sore throat.

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