What a natural trick to take care of your skin

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Of buttons, redness appear on your face and you don’t know why? Are you sure treat your skin ? Did you know that some care and sometimes a lack of care can accelerate skin aging and lead to the appearance of spots and wrinkles. You want to have a radiant complexion and an fresh and luminous skin ? Here is 10 natural tips easy to follow for take care of your face.

What to do to have beautiful skin

10 tips to follow to take care of your skin naturally

10 tips to take care of your skin naturally

1 – Moisturizing day cream

To keep your face looking youthful, the first step is to hydrate the skin well with a cream.

Sufficiently hydrated skin will age less quickly, be more supple, and more radiant.

The youth and beauty of the skin requires good hydration!

The solution ?

Go for a good moisturizer.

Moisturizer recipe

Mix then pour into a small pot previously sterilized in boiling water:

– 10ml d‘avocado oil

– 20ml of aloe vera gel

– 6 drops of extract grapefruit seeds, as natural preservative.

2 – Scrubs and masks

The skin of the face is extremely fragile and water and the abuse of exfoliation and mask, even if they are moisturizing or relaxing, weakens and irritates it even more… and without her being able to benefit from their benefits.

The solution ?

Apply scrubs and masks only once a week, at limit 2, this is a great maximum.

3 – makeup

Contouring, strobing and l‘highlighter Strobing“All these new make-up techniques, which the stars on the red carpet love, and which have only one goal to give relief to their face to catch the light, are not so easy to perform.

If you are not an artist of the make-up the application of several shades of foundation and powder, may give you a plaster or clown effect, but above all will damage and dry out your skin. Irritated, redness and pimples will then appear.

The solution ?

Lighten your makeup!

A little foundation added to your day cream is enough to have a pretty complexion, especially if you apply a touch of pink to your cheekbones.

4 – Makeup brushes and sponges

Brushes and sponges are real reservoirs of bacteria.

By not washing them you risk contaminating your skin.

The solution ?

Wash brushes and sponges every other day with a drop of liquid soap.

5 – Make-up removal

They say that one night without removing make-up = 14 days of skin aging!

Even after a long night, removing makeup is essential.

Because only by completely and carefully removing your makeup will the sensitive skin around the eyes, like that of the face, stay healthy.

Milk, gel, cream, foam or oil…. It is as you want !

The solution ?

Remove your makeup every night.

But be careful, cleaning the skin must be done gently.

6 – Storage of make-up and make-up removal products

Store your beauty products in a dry place (watch out for the damp bathroom!) And respect the expiration date of your cosmetics!

On the back of a product, an open jar is shown with the mention of the number of months just below: 12M means that your treatment can be used 12 months after opening.

Without mentioning, know that a mascara can be kept for 3 months, a cream, a foundation, powder and a lipstick for 1 year, a pencil for 2 years maximum.

After this time you risk degradation of the product and possibly irritation.

7 – Hands on the face

Dirty hands carry bacteria.

Touching your face with dirty hands can contaminate your skin, infect it, and inflame your pimples.

The solution ?

Wash your hands often.

8 – Sun

The sun has beneficial effects, of course, but by preparing your skin for the sun, protecting it with a cream and not exposing yourself for more than a quarter of an hour in the same position and never between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Otherwise you risk dry skin, premature aging of the face and the appearance of dark spots.

Or protect your face by applying suitable sun protection as soon as you get out in the sun.

9 – Better nutrition

Eating too much fat can have an impact on the appearance of the skin of the face, by making fine lines and bags under the eyes.

Eating mainly industrial dishes filled with additives, salt and sugar do not beautify the skin, on the contrary

Excessive consumption of pastries and sweets can cause pimples.

The solution ?

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains.

By eating less cold meats, pizzas, burgers and sweets, the quality of your skin will improve and pimples and inflammation will be a bad memory.

10 – Healthy living

Excesses of all kinds are not good for the skin.

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, which can lead to rosacea.

Acne and redness problems are common among smokers. Wrinkles appear more quickly on their face and their complexion is often dull.

Lack of sleep marks the skin and makes a face swell.

The solution ?

Get out, walk, play sports and take care of your health.

By adopting a healthy lifestyle you will protect the radiance and elasticity of your skin.

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