The mask irritates my face what to do

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Against the spread of Covid-19, since Monday July 20 the port of mask became mandatory in enclosed or very busy places. The problem is, some people can’t stand it on their face for long. This mask their causes redness, irritation, burning, acne and sometimes eveneczema. Why their skin reacts like this and what to do to avoid or reduce this effect. Discover 7 natural products and 6 tips to protect his face of all inflammation of the skin.

mask irritation face what to do

Why does the mask irritate my skin

The mask increases the temperature of the lower face, already very sensitive to heat.

Also by breathing under a mask our breath, which usually escapes into the air, constantly moistens the lower part of our face while the mask, whether surgical or fabric, sticks and sometimes rubs the skin.

The heat combined with the humidity of the skin and friction causes irritation.

And sometimes bacteria and microbes, coming from our body, in this humid and hot environment, can proliferate under the mask, and become embedded on the already sensitized skin.

Which skin types suffer the most from wearing a mask?

The drier the skin the more likely it is to be irritated.

Wear a surgical mask or fabric mask

If you have to wear a mask for a long time and your skin is sensitive, opt for a cotton mask. But obviously an approved mask.

We sell at the Boutique Toutpratique a pack of 10 approved fabric masks + 1 spray bottle 1 liter of hydroalcoholic solution.

All-purpose pack: 10 masks + 1 liter bottle of hydroalcoholic solution

Calm skin irritation due to the mask: 7 natural products

Do not wash or remove makeup from your face with any product. The delicate skin affected by irritation due to the mask, should be treated with non-irritating products.

1 – White clay

Wash your face in the morning and at night with a lotion madehouse with white clay.

How to make clay lotion.

Mix 50 g of fine white clay powder with one liter of mineral water.

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2 – Micellar water

This micellar water specially formulated for sensitive and reactive skin provides gentle cleansing of the face and lips.

We sell hydrating micellar water with aloe vera at Boutique Toutpratique

The cleansed face, hydration of the skin

A powerful moisturizer will prevent redness and irritation.

3- Hypoallergenic liniment

Thanks to the organic olive oil and the lime water it contains, the liniment gently cleanses the face while preventing the appearance of redness.

We sell oleo-limestone liniment at the Toutpratique store

How to naturally soothe irritated facial skin

4 – Shea butter

Shea butter 100% organic, rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, extra nourishing, is the number 1 product to hydrate and nourish the skin.

It promotes cell renewal, softens the skin while protecting it from external aggressions and letting it breathe.

We sell shea butter at Boutique Toutpratique

5 – Celery

Apply to the affected areas for half an hour a lukewarm mask consisting of steamed celeriac and then mashed.

Remove with a cotton ball.

6 – Avocado oil

Avocado oil rich in unsaponifiables and fatty acids, rich in vitamin E, soothing, softening, moisturizing and healing, is an amazing natural beauty product for the face, in particular for very dry skin to which it gives softness and elasticity.

Spread a little avocado oil on the irritated areas of your face.

Massage gently to make it penetrate well.

We sell avocado oil at Boutique Toutpratique

7 – Organic hemp oil

Hemp oil rich in omega-3 activates venous circulation, reduces the appearance of redness and soothes skin irritation. It is stimulating and restorative, decongests the face.

Apply this oil, every day on your face, in your day cream.

Mask irritates my face what to do

6 tips for persistent irritations

1 – Give up foundation or powder

Leave your skin bare by moisturizing it often.

2 – Wash your mask with a detergent without potential allergens

Wash your mask by hand with a 0% hypoallergenic detergent: without perfumes and without preservatives or vegetable soap such as Marseille soap.

Then rinse your mask thoroughly.

Avoid scented detergents.

3 – relax

Wearing a mask that interferes with breathing may cause rejection, not manifesting irritation.

Practice yoga, learn to breathe through your stomach and practice meditation every day.

4 – Reduce or give up alcohol and coffee

They promote the dilation of the vessels, responsible for the exacerbation of redness.

5 – Eat as little as possible or at all too hot or spicy dishes

They raise the temperature inside and can be the cause of red patches on the face.

6 – Consult

If your mouth, cheeks and nose are burning, if your face is covered with red patches: see a doctor.

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