The little inexpensive recipe for sublimating skin oil

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With summer, the sun’s rays caress the skin and leave it nicely tanned. The sublimating oils can then be very pleasant, because they allow to sublimate the tan. This brings a pretty shine and some very glamorous fine sequins that go well with a little summer dress. In addition, this product is often rich in vegetable oils beneficial for the skin, which allows to relieve it in addition to sublimating it. After a day of dealing with heat, salt or chlorine, the skin loves this little touch of absolutely non-greasy dry oil. Of course, you can find this product on the market. However, the price will cool more than one! Never mind ! Grandmother unearthed a 100% natural, organic, vegan and skin-friendly sublimating oil recipe, which is also very easy to make.

With this beauty oil, no more feelings of overheating and skin that feels tight or gray after sun exposure!

Ingredients :

40 g vegetable oil
5 g of organic oily macerate (vanilla, monoi or calendula)
0.9 g or 33 drops of natural cosmetic fragrance of your choice (monoi, vanilla, coconut, exotic flowers, etc.)
2 g of gold mica powder
4 drops of liquid vitamin E

Which oils to choose for your sublimating oil?

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For not have an unpleasant greasy feeling, you have to choose your vegetable oil. You can also combine several according to your desires, but also your budget. For avoid a greasy film, there is for example:
-Macadamia oil (softening, soothing, nourishing, anti-dehydration and circulatory benefits)
– Hazelnut oil (very penetrating, healing and softening)
-Or passion fruit oil (slightly scented, antioxidant, regenerating and anti-dehydration, makes the skin silky)

You can also use oils that are more fatty, but pleasant and which help to sublimate the skin. This includes apricot oil (illuminating, invigorating, softening, and revitalizing) or coconut oil (nourishing and gently scented). Carrot oil has a self-tanning effect and softens the skin. Otherwise, a simple sweet almond oil will protect the skin from dryness and stretch marks.

Do you have everything? So, let’s move on to the making of the sublimating oil!

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1) In a clean container, carefully mix your oils with the chosen macerate.

2) Then add the other ingredients one by one, making sure to stir between each addition.

3) Once everything is well incorporated, all you have to do is transfer the preparation into an airtight and clean / sterilized bottle. A small funnel is of great help here.

And There you go ! It’s ready.

Remember to mix it before each use, as the mica tends to fall to the bottom of the bottle. It is to be massaged on clean skin. Thanks to vitamin E, the product can be stored for up to 6 months.

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