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What hand areas stimulate to arrive at evacuate stress, tensions or tired ? The palmar reflexology from the chinese tradition, consists of stimulate some hand points to restore the balance of the organs and the mind. Hands containing thousands of nerve endings, only the experts can treat difficult cases. We, our goal is only to teach you how to self-massage who can quickly and naturally erase the small pains, the anguish and you relax by quickly obtaining a real well-being. Discover how to massage some reflex zones from the hand.

how to do a hand massage to remove stress

How to give a hand massage

For one or two minutes with the right hand exert pressure on the areas that we recommend on the left hand.

Then use the left hand to massage the right hand.

How to apply these pressures

It is not useful to press your fingers on the reflex zones.

For a soothing effect that ripples through the whole body, squeeze them in gentle, repeated movements with your thumb and fingers while breathing calmly. To allow the tensions to be evacuated well, acupressure is carried out by being accompanied by slow and deep breathing through the nose from the belly.

Operate with clean hands, without massage oil.

How many times can you massage the areas of the hand to calm your stress

This massage can be repeated as many times as you wish, in the morning as in the evening.

10 points of the hand to massage to relieve stress

10 points of the hand to massage to relieve stress

The stress can have harmful effects on your health, learn how to get rid of it quickly.

1- Ease the stress by stimulating the area between the index finger and the thumb

Relieve anxiety and stress by massaging the skin between the index finger and the thumb.

While breathing deeply, squeeze, insisting on this area for 2 to 3 minutes, one hand at a time.

calm stress by massaging his hand

2- Relieve anxiety by stimulating a point at the base of the little finger

In case of a strong anxiety attack, accompanied by palpitations, massage the lump at the base of the little finger, on the palm of the hand.

Repeat as many times as needed.

You can also chase away anxiety by massaging a point located at the base of the fingernail, inner side of the hand.

how to relieve stress and anxiety by massaging your hands

3- Calm your emotion by stimulating the middle of your palm

While breathing deeply and calmly, massage the reflex point in the center of the palm, using gentle circular motions.

what point of the hand to stimulate to stop anxiety and stress

4 – Relieve palpitations by stimulating a point on the thumb

Sometimes anxiety and stress make breathing quicker.

To help you resume a calmer breath, massage your thumb and then gently pull it out.

how to calm your nervousness by stimulating an area of ​​the hand

5- Conquer impatience and nervousness by stimulating his ring finger

To calm your outbursts of bad mood, inner excitement, instability for a few minutes, pinch your ring finger between your thumb and forefinger then massage it, while regaining control of your breathing.

overcome anxiety, anger and fatigue by stimulating a point of the hand

6- Calm fatigue and anger by stimulating your middle finger

If you feel angry, while breathing quietly, squeeze the middle finger of your right hand firmly in your left hand, moving back and forth.

Then switch to the left hand.

It is also possible to relax and calm down by patting your middle finger on the face, in the middle of the eyebrows.

7- Release all tension by massaging his hands

With the fist closed with one hand, massage the palm of the other hand with the knuckles, making strong rotations.

Hold for 4 to 5 seconds several times

Release the pressure then massage the open hand with your thumb.

Fight fatigue by massaging your hands

8- Fight fatigue by massaging your hands

As soon as you feel tired, massage the inner side of the hand to the top of the thumb for a few minutes.

Then massage the other hand.

calm tension, stress and fatigue by massaging your hands

9- Calm tension, fatigue and nervousness

By pressing and massaging this acupressure point, located between the base of the little finger and the ring finger, you will quickly calm both physical and psychological pain and you will feel better.

10- Pump down during the day? Clap your hands to get better.

The palms of the hands being connected to the nervous system, clap your hands to combat this stroke of fatigue.
Quickly you will regain your energy.

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