Lice what to do against: radical and inexpensive treatment to eliminate lice and nits

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Lice are everywhere at school and on public transport. And from the start of the school year lice fight will necessarily start over. When at home we have a infected child it’s okay, we can cope, but when in turn his brothers and sisters start to scratch your head the expense bug spray seriously increases its budget. Knowing that the lifespan of a louse in the head of the cubs is 2 months old, we cannot afford to leave them in this state. What to do then when they have lice ? Find out which cheap product can eliminate lice.

How to remove lice with petroleum jelly: 8 steps (with pictures)

What remedy: Vaseline

Vaseline is an oily ointment, obtained from petroleum, but do not worry, this does not prevent it from being very excellent for the skin to the point that it is used in case of irritation and dryness. , and even to cure eczema or psoriasis.

Vaseline how much does it cost

You can easily find petroleum jelly in an 80 g tube on the Internet for less than 4 euros.

How to remove lice with petroleum jelly: 8 steps (with pictures)

1 – Protect the shoulders with a bath towel.

The petroleum jelly could otherwise stain the clothes.

2 – Coat the scalp and dry hair with Vaseline

so as to completely cover the hair from root to tip, not forgetting the back of the neck and behind the ears.

3- Massage the head and locks

To eliminate lice, it is important to soak them with petroleum jelly

4 – Then wait ¼ of an hour

To let the petroleum jelly act

5 – Pass the comb

By rinsing it after each pass.

6 – Without wetting the hair,

Shampoo your hair in rdistributing the shampoo well over the hair and massaging the scalp

7- Rinse generously

the hair

8 – Re-shampoo

If the hair is still a little oily


Vaseline is flammable.

Hair coated with petroleum jelly avoid coming close to a flame.

how to eliminate lice with petroleum jelly

Vaseline: why does it work

Taken in this fatty product that is petroleum jelly, lice choke.

Asphyxiated the parasites cannot survive. They come off and fall out of the hair.

Vaseline is just as effective and much less aggressive for the scalp than the insecticides offered in pharmacies.

How to avoid catching lice again

Lice live exclusively on the scalp of men or women and especially children

They don’t jump or fly. They crawl and spread from head to head.

So we catch them only by close contact or through combs and brushes that have been used by someone contaminated.

When a child has lice, everyone in the family should be treated.

Well that the transmission of lice through clothing has never been proven, their washing at more than 60 ° as well as Sheets and pillowcases of the bed is recommended.

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