How to treat badly damaged hands – Practical

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You have the very dry hands and damaged by dint of you wash your hands and them disinfect ? Follow the instructions to avoid being contaminated and contaminating others during this critical period ofepidemic are essential actions. But if your hands dry out, there they need to be treated. Find out what to do, what moisturizer recipe can repair the skin on your hands weakened and when to consult.

how to repair damaged hands with 10 natural recipes

Very dry and damaged hands from being washed why

Beyond twenty washes with soap daily, there is a risk of having hands weakened to the point of even finding them so dry that they become cracked.

Too frequent disinfections with hydroalcoholic lotion only worsen their condition.

What to do in case of severe dry hands: 5 tips

1 – Change the soap

Forget the scented soap, even Marseille soap, although natural, it can become irritating over time.

Use only liquid soap without much better tolerated soap for the hands.

You will find it in pharmacies.

And know it is possible to use oil or moisturizer without erasing the disinfectant effect of soap.

2 – Then wipe your hands gently

To avoid further irritating the skin, do not rub your hands, pat them dry with sheets of paper towels.

3 – Space or renounce the disinfectant gel

Only use hydroalcoholic gel if you are going out and you cannot wash your hands.

Intensive use of hydroalcoholic solutions can cause irritation and allergies.

4 – Stop using household products with your bare hands

Whenever you clean or wash the dishes, wear gloves.

Household products only worsen the condition of the hands.

5 – Apply a repairing treatment morning and evening and after each wash

Without risk of contamination, moisturize your hands after each disinfection.

Use either a cream that you will find in pharmacies such as Biafine or a repairing treatment such as Cicalfate, or a natural homemade hand care, moisturizing and regenerating.

10 natural remedies to repair damaged hands

10 natural treatments to repair damaged hands

Apply to hands massaging them with these moisturizing and nourishing remedies

1 – Aloe vera

Aloe vera, applied as a gel, is an excellent moisturizer that repairs and improves the suppleness of the skin.

Where to find aloe vera gel

Cut a piece of aloe vera leaf in the middle, then using scissors, remove the thorns.

Rinse it off under running water.

Slice the leaf in half in its thickness, then with a spoon, scrape the inside to collect the pulp of the leaf.

This transparent and gelatinous substance is aloe vera gel.

But also you will find aloe vera gel in tube.

2 – Shea butter

Shea butter is an exceptional moisturizer for the skin.

Before going to bed, spread with a brush on the hands, in a thick layer, without allowing Shea Butter fondue in its pot, on the radiator or in a bain-marie.

Sleep like this while protecting your hands with cotton gloves.

We sell shea butter at the Toutpratique store

3 – Cocoa butter and lavender essential oil

In a bowl, quickly melt cocoa butter in the microwave, then add 4 drops of lavender essential oil to the butter.


Let cool.

Apply in a thick layer.

Cover the hands for at least a quarter of an hour with a plastic bag. Close the good.

4 – Beeswax and olive oil

It is a hyper repairing treatment.

Melt the organic beeswax first cold pressing in a double boiler, slowly add the olive oil (1 part of wax to 5 parts of olive oil)

Mix with a wooden spatula.

Pour the still hot mixture into a small container.

Cover it with a kitchen towel to cool slowly.

The mixture cooled, spread a little on your hands, massaging them gently.

5 – Oil

Castor oil, lavocado oil, coconut oil, argan oil or sweet almond oil are treatments perfectly suited to repair damaged hands.

After each hand washing, apply a few drops of one of these vegetable oils to the hands, then massage them.

And 2 times a week, for ten minutes, immerse your hands in the oil that you have poured into a container.

Finish with a delicate massage of the most damaged areas and ends.

Sponge up the excess with paper towels.

6 – Honey and lemon

Mix the honey well with a little lemon juice, then apply on hands.

Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, rinse and pat dry.

7 – Honey and olive oil

Massage your hands with a mixture consisting of a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil.

Rinse and wash thoroughly.

8 – Honey, glycerin, lemon

Apply at least 6 times a day on the hands a paste composed of 2 teaspoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of glycerin with the addition of lemon juice.

Apply on the hands then massage for 5 minutes.

9 – Paraffin

The paraffin bath soothes pain, softens and nourishes the hands.

Melt the contents of a sachet or a tube of paraffin in a glass container in a water bath until you reach a temperature between 48 and 57 degrees, not hotter otherwise you risk burning yourself.

Immerse a hand, fingers open, in paraffin for about 3 seconds.

Leave to dry.

Start again three or four more times until the hand is covered with a thick layer.

Then slip one hand into a plastic bag.

Switch to the other hand.

Then put your hands under plastic in previously heated washcloths, and leave them there for 15 or 20 minutes.

Then remove the glove, the plastic bag and, gently, remove the paraffin.

10 – Vaseline

Apply a good coat of Vaseline on hands, massage without making it penetrate too much, then put on a pair of cotton gloves and over a pair of cleaning gloves.

If possible keep these gloves on overnight while you sleep.

When to consult

The skin of the hands burns, itches and peels despite the care?

On your dry hands appear red patches that make you pain?

Consult a dermatologist without delay.

It may be a dermatosis of the hands.

This type of irritation or allergy can be linked to the intensive use of soap but also to diseases.

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