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How? ‘Or’ What capr them frizzy hair easily? A good chopped off of hair, even curly, it is important, for to avoid the inflate. But the chopped off of frizzy hair of a women does not do everything. With each shampoo and before sleeping, there are tips natural to be able to make a easy hairstyle even withvs of frizzy hair. Find out how accentuate the loops of yours frizzy hair and put an end to the puffy hair.

How to style your hair easily when you have curly hair


5 steps to styling curly hair

Curly hair is easily combed if it forms a curl.

So how do you form a loop that holds?

1- Cut curly hair

– Cut shape

With the thick hair and woolly curls of frizzy hair, avoid layered cuts.

The gradient promotes frizz but not the curl.

The square cut is the solution to easily style curly hair.

– Cut length

Minimum hair length

The hair touch the shoulders at least.

Above the shoulders the hair swells more and the frizz goes crazy!

– Maximum hair length

Hair sticks out 7 cm under the shoulder maximum (halfway up the scapula).

Beyond the lengths are split because the curly hair is much drier.

A split hair does not keep the shape of the curl, only the frizz remains, so we avoid!

Ideal length

3 cm below the shoulder, that is to say at the top of the scapula.

The weight of the lengths is sufficient to hold the hair down more easily.

The hair is kept short enough so as not to be dried out along the lengths.

The ideal solution is therefore a square cut that arrives under the shoulders, at the beginning of the scapula.

This is the first step in the solution to forming curls in order to style curly hair easily.

Tip for choosing the hairdresser

Choose a hairdresser who has curly hair, he will understand you better and put your needs before his desire for originality!


2 – wash curly hair

– Pre-shampoo: hair mask

Apply an avocado oil mask to hair before shampooing for deep nourishment.

Tie your hair under a shower cap or in plastic wrap and leave on for 15 minutes.

Wash the hair with argan oil and shea butter shampoo to keep the hair smooth after the mask.



Apply pure argan oil which makes the hair elastic to form the curl more easily.

It is used as a conditioner without rinsing.

We sell pure organic argan oil at the Toutpratique store.


Curly hair with oily roots

Apply a green clay mask on the roots only 20 minutes then rinse.

Avoid avocado oil or argan oil on your scalp.

3 – Dry the hair

How to wring without frizz

Use a towel to only dab on wet hair.

Then roll up the hair in kitchen towel to wring them out.

How to detangle without frizz

Use a wide toothed wooden comb to disentangle.

The wide teeth of the comb detangle by smoothing the hair while the brush creates frizz.

Wood prevents static electricity which makes hair stand on end.

Enemies # 1: the hair dryer

Avoid the hairdryer as adding heat to the curly hair increases frizz.

Leave to air dry.

If you have no choice, then add an air diffuser to the dryer.

4 – Curl the hair

Anti frizz weave

-Rub just a few drops of coconut oil in your hands.

-Smooth the lengths with your hands.

Used as a leave-in serum, coconut oil nourishes and prevents frizz so the hair retains its shape when dry.

We sell organic coconut oil at Boutique Toutpratique.

Accentuate curls curly hair

-Starting from the tip, pull down a wick 1 cm thick then wrap it around the finger up to the root to form a spiral.

-Hold the spiral on the scalp with the palm of your hand, pressing hard for 15 seconds to create the shape.

-Repeat this gesture on the strands in front and on the sides only, it is enough to take effect.

The curls are formed and shape the entire hair.

-Make a large loose mat and let air dry.

Your hair prints the curls over the entire length without frizz.


5 – Style your hair when you wake up

Curly hair: how to keep the curl when you wake up?

Before to sleep

Comb the hair with a dab of conditioner on the teeth of the comb without touching the scalp to avoid oily roots.


-Swipe an alcohol-free children’s wipe all over the hair, except the roots.

-Use a toothbrush with argan oil to remove stubborn frizz.

Curly Hair: 2 Easy Hairstyles

-Ponytail with parting on the side making a twist at the root in video at 5 minutes 49.

-Half-tail by tying 1 mat on each side starting from the root above the forehead in video at 3 minutes 30.

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