How to remove odor from hair without washing it: 10 tips

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The hair have the particularity of absorbing smells. And when we cook or when we stay a little long in a place that gives off a odour a little strong of smoke or from frying, the hair are imbued with these emanations. How then Discard as soon as possible bad smell ? Discover 10 tips to eliminate quickly all odour and pleasantly perfume her hair without washing your hair.

how to remove odor from hair

10 tips to remove hair smells and pleasantly perfume her hair

Obviously the most drastic way to remove bad odors from hair is to wash it. But when you don’t have the time, the leisure, or the time to do it …

1- Aloe vera

By using aloe vera gel styling gel, people with thick, curly hair will keep their curls while deodorizing them.

This magic plant endowed with incredible moisturizing properties, will give more vigor, softness, shine and suppleness to the hair.

We can find aloe vera gel in any organic store.

But to take full advantage of its properties, use the gel in its natural state.

You just have to cut a leaf from the plant, then extract its gel.

How to use aloe vera gel to remove bad odor from hair

Take a leaf, rinse it, remove the thorns, slice the leaf, collect the gel, beat the gel with a blender so as to make it perfectly smooth, then add a little mineral water.

Pour some on your fingers then starting from the root, pass on your hair

2- Clay green

Sometimes the smell is more from the scalp.

Too much sebum or too much perspiration on the scalp can cause bad odors.

If the smell is coming from your scalp, apply a clay mask.

How to use clay to remove bad odor from hair

Prepare the mask using clay and a little water or use green clay ready to use that you will find in a tube on the market.

Apply on the scalp.

Massage gently then rinse.

Finish the rinse with lemon or vinegar water.

3- Baking soda

Bicarbonate is undoubtedly the most used product to neutralize bad odors.

How to use baking soda to remove bad odor from hair

Sprinkle a little baking soda on the scalp, massage quickly with your fingertips, then use a brush to get rid of the powder.


Especially if you are wearing dark clothes, consider protecting your shoulders with a towel.

4- Hair spray

Whether you have fine straight hair or wavy, dark or light hair feel free to spray hairspray on your hair.

How to use hairspray to remove bad odor from hair

The hairspray diffused over the entire hair, vigorously brush the hair which will then be deodorized and even take on the flowery fragrance of hairspray.


How to make natural hair spray

In a bottle fitted with a spray, pour 4 tablespoons of fine white sugar then hot water (the contents of a tea cup)

Stir vigorously then spray on hair.

If the fixation seems too strong, add a little water.

If it seems too light, add a little sugar.

5 – Perfume

The risk with perfume is to vaporize too much and then have hair that smells strong, which can upset some people.

The scent is also not ideal for healthy hair.

How to use perfume to remove bad odor from hair

Do not spray the perfume directly on the hair, hold the perfume bottle 30cm from your head.

Or spray the scent liberally in front of you, and get on your way asap under the scented veil.

6 – Shaving foam

The refreshing scent of the shaving foam will remove the bad odor from the hair, while respecting its hydration.

How to use shaving foam to remove bad odor from hair

Pour a knob of mousse on your fingers, gently rub your scalp, and coat the hair, strand by strand.

If applying mousse makes your hair look too cardboard, let it dry and then brush it out.

7 – Rhassoul

This excellent treatment will allow you to have odorless hair.

More hair oily, dry, stiff or curly will be cleaned without being dried up.

How to use rhassoul to remove bad odor from hair

Shoulders protected by a towel, dust the hair with powder.

Brush then.

8 – Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo not only will allow obtaining odorless hair but more goes plump up your hair.

How to use dry shampoo to remove bad odor from hair

Sprinkle (just put on a little) the root of your hair with dry shampoo, rub gently with your fingers for 2 or 3 minutes, wait a few minutes, then over the sink, with a brush, from root to root. ‘at the ends, brush your hair, to get rid of the powder.


Without dry shampoo to neutralize the bad odor of the hair, use:

– Wheat flour

– Chick pea flour

– Rice flour

– Cornstarch

– Potato starch

Or the

– Cornstarch

If you have dark hair, mix the flour with black seed powder.

9 – Hair dryer

The air from the blow dryer is very effective in removing odors from the hair.

How to use the blow dryer to remove bad odor from hair

Direct the cool air from the dryer onto the hair.

10 – Non-greasy leave-in moisturizer

Leave-in non-greasy moisturizing hair creams or styling gels remove odors from the hair by delicately scenting it, making it easier to disentangle and taming flyaways.

Apply strand by strand, from root to tip

Remove odor hairbrush

After deodorizing your hair, the brush can smell bad in its turn.

Deodorize it by washing it in lukewarm water using a toothbrush impregnated with shower gel.

Rinse thoroughly and pat dry in a dry terry towel.

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