How to fall asleep quickly without a sleeping pill

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When to go to bed to fall asleep easily? How to relax when you are preoccupied before going to bed? What to eat to sleep better? Before consuming sleeping pills not always recommended for health, discover the best tips for find sleep naturally and quickly.

How to sleep fast naturally

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In this article 5 steps to fall asleep quickly

-food that helps to relax

-the question to ask yourself when going to bed at the start of a sleep cycle

-the habits that relax before going to bed

-the trick to sleep in one go

-the technique to fall asleep without thinking


Step 1- The food that helps you relax in the evening

Foods that help you fall asleep quickly are:

-the corn

-white bread



Foods to avoid if you want to fall asleep quickly are:





-sunflower seeds

These foods stimulate reflexes and concentration.

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2nd step – The question: knowing when to fold

Chills and itchy eyes

Amy Bender, professor at the University of Calgary in Canada, gives the tip to help interrupt when you recognize the signs of the start of a sleep cycle:

“Will I wake up earlier to do this?” “

When the answer is no, you know staying awake is the wrong decision.

Step 3 – Habits before going to bed

The gestures that relax the body and condition the mind to sleep are:

-the hot shower which relaxes contracted muscles

– massage of the inside of the wrists with 2 drops of lavender or orange essential oil

Follow this same routine before bed in the same order every day, as the US Air Force recommends to help its soldiers get to sleep faster wherever they are.

It’s up to you to choose your evening routine: shower, massage with essential oil, music without words that soothes, etc.

We sell lavender essential oil at Tout Pratique.

Step 4 – The trick to sleeping in one go

More than a quarter of the population between 25 and 45 years old wakes up to noise inside or outside their home according to the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPES).

To sleep in one go:

– Always wear earplugs.

-choose 2 individual duvets if you sleep as a couple to put an end to the thrill that wakes up in the middle of the night.

Step 5 – The technique for falling asleep without thinking is:

– write down on a piece of paper the things to do the next day

which occupy your thoughts, even if it means getting up from bed if an oversight bothers you!

This simple reflex frees the mind immediately afterwards.

-to lie down, close your eyes and imagine a blue gas spreading from head to toe

Imagine a blue gas spreading in each toe of the feet, going up to the ankles, legs, knees to then form a lump in the stomach.

Imagine the lump spreading through the chest, neck, arms to the fingers and up to the mouth, nose, eyes and head.

Your body is then conditioned to fall asleep easily.

This is the technique recommended by researchers at the University of California Santa Cruz in the United States to relax body and mind at the same time.

If you still can’t find sleep, scientists recommend:

-to expose yourself to daylight 45 minutes minimum in the morning

according to Joelle Adrien, neurobiologist studying sleep at Pierre and Marie Curie University,

-30 minutes of physical effort in the morning

according to researchers from the American center Fred Hutch,

to use anti-blue light software such as f.lux or Dimmer in the evening

to look at your smartphone and computer,

-to reserve the bedroom for sleep

and therefore to work, read or watch the screens outside the bedroom.

It is also the advice of pediatricians to help baby sleep at night.

How to recover naturally

Nap in moderation

To recover naturally a nap of one to two hours is recommended according to INPES when you sleep five to six hours at night.

Beyond six hours of sleep at night, limit any nap to 20 minutes between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. to get a good night’s sleep the following night.

More tips for sleeping well in the article on remedies for insomnia.

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