How to Detangle Hair Easily and Quickly – Practical

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How to untangle his hair or that of his children ? Remove a big knot in the hair it is not always a pleasure. In some, knots are easily undone while in others they remain hooked to the hair, and we can pass and iron the comb, we only pull or tear the hair. How then easily remove a large knot in the hair without suffering or without causing pain.

how to remove a big knot in the hair

Comb or brush to detangle hair

Use a comb!

A wide-toothed comb is ideal for removing a knot.

How to remove the knot

Apply a little fat to a stubborn knot.

The strands of hair will glide better on each other.

Greasy product to apply to the knot

– Shea Butter

– Glycerin

– Avocado oil or argan oil

– Vaseline

Or even

– Night cream

Technique to untie the big knot

Penetrate the greasy product with your fingers

Massage the knot.

Wait a few minutes.

Detangle the knot gently with your fingers.

If the knot resists, apply a little more product.

Go through the comb starting with the ends and untangle going up towards the root.

Wash loose strands

The knot untied and the strands finally smooth and disentangled pass a washcloth impregnated with a drop of shampoo.

Rinse by sliding a damp washcloth along the wick.

how to untangle the hair

Homemade detangler to untie a knot

– Detangling with aloe vera gel

Take a leaf, rinse it with clear water, remove the thorns, slice the leaf, collect the gel, beat the gel with a blender to make it perfectly smooth then add mineral water.

Pour the aloe vera solution into a spray bottle and shake before using it.

– Detangling with white beans

Pour the cooking water from the white beans into a bottle fitted with a spray bottle.

– Detangling with apple cider vinegar

In a bottle fitted with a spray pour ¾ lukewarm water and ¼ apple cider vinegar.

Technique to untie the big knot

Generously spray the detangling solution on the wick instantly on the knot.

For a few minutes, with your fingertips gently massage the knot, starting from the bottom of the wick.

Stretch, pull gently to untie the knot

Detangle with the comb.

If the knot is not completely undone, gently slide a few hairs from the knot, then start again by adding product, then passing the comb along the strand, and this until the strands are loose each other

Then rinse.

The knot resists: use scissors

If you cannot untie a stubborn knot despite our advice and your efforts, the only solution is to thin it out with a pair of scissors.

Technique to untie the big knot

With the scissors in one hand, hold the tangled strands firmly with the other hand. Slide the blade of the scissors over the underside of the knot

Gently pull the section of hair to loosen it from the knot.

how to remove knots in hair

How to remove multiple knots in your hair

With a comb, form a parting to separate the hair into different areas.

Wrap the strands that do not have a macaroon knot then secure them as close as possible to the scalp with barrettes.

Secure any strands that have knots with pliers.
One by one remove the pliers then work the knot either with a fatty substance or with a detangling lotion.

As soon as the knot is undone, fix the wick as close as possible to the scalp using a bar.

When all the knots are undone, remove the bars one after the other, wash one after the other, passing a soapy glove then a damp glove.

Then brush the hair.

How to stop having knots in your hair

Tie the hair

The best way to avoid having a knot in the hair, especially if it is long, dry and curly, is to tie it up, braiding it especially at night.

During the day, do not hesitate to make yourself or your daughters a ponytail or quilts.

Hair styling

Brushing your hair or that of your daughter in the morning and evening is also a good solution so that the hair does not become tangled.

How to brush hair

Moisten them lightly with a detangling lotion.

With moisturized hair, brush it, starting with the ends, with a brush with large spikes on an air cushion.

Wash hair that makes knots

Brush the hair to detangle it before you wet it.

Shampoo and rinse

Apply a conditioner

Pass the comb gently

Rinse off the conditioner

Sponge your hair in a towel without rubbing it in all directions.

Give volume to hair that tends to make knots

Backcomb just your roots, not your lengths.

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