how to cure a cold with old remedies from grandmother

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Do you know what the 3 hats herbal tea or the mustard poultice ? They are very old remedies that our grandmothers were using to cure a cold and calm the cough. Others recipes exist. And since the cold medicine are so decried today, find out how cure a cold with one of 5 grandmother’s remedies that we discovered. Be careful, they take your breath away!

5 grandmother’s remedies to cure a cold

grandmother's remedy to cure a cold

Herbal teas to treat a cold

1 – Herbal tea of ​​3 hats

In fact the herbal tea of ​​the 3 hats is a toddy, and a rather full-bodied toddy!

3 hats herbal tea

How to make the 3 hats herbal tea

Take a bottle of dark rum

In a saucepan, mix ¾ brown cold with ½ glass of milk.

Heat gently.

Sweeten with a good spoonful of honey.

Place a hat at the foot of the bed

Lie down, under the covers or the duvet, dressing warmly,

Drink the “herbal tea” while looking at the hat.

Under the influence of the common cold, you will see 2 hats.

Continue to drink the “herbal tea”.

Stop drinking when you see 3 hats

This remedy is apparently radical to stop a cold.

2 – Herbal tea of ​​4 flowers

The herbal tea of ​​the 4 flowers is an infusion of flowers which treats the common cold and especially calms the cough, and the bronchi thanks to the mucilages which they contain.

However, it should be noted that the herbal tea of ​​the 4 flowers now contains 7:

White broth, poppy, wild mallow, marshmallow, cat’s foot, coltsfoot and fragrant violet.

How to make a 4 flower herbal tea

In a cup, pour boiling water over a teaspoon of wild mallow, white broth, marshmallow, and cat’s foot, plants that you will find at an herbalist or pharmacist.

If you go with all 7 plants, use only a pinch of each per cup.

Let steep for 10 minutes.

Drink very hot first the first day 5 cups then increase to 3 cups per day.

how to cure a cold

Inhalation to treat a cold

3 – Camphor

Very old grandmother’s remedy, antiviral, anti-infectious, antiseptic, natural anti-inflammatory, recognized for its many therapeutic properties, camphor, a white crystalline substance, can clear the most blocked nose in a second.

How to inhale camphor

In a bowl, pour hot water over a few crumbs of a piece of camphor and, with a terry towel on your head, inhale the vapors that emerge from it, without forgetting to close your eyes.


Camphor is a very powerful substance, put very little camphor in the bowl.

Today we rather use camphor in essential oil, easier to find and to dose

How to inhale camphor essential oil

In a bowl, filled with hot water pour 2 drops of essential oil of camphor diluted in a teaspoon of 90 ° alcohol.

grandmother remedy to cure a cold

Poultices to treat colds and coughs

4 – Flax meal poultice

Flax flour, which you can find in an organic store, is ideal for treating colds, fatty or spasmodic coughs.

The flax poultice has a warming, fluidifying and stimulating effect.

As a poultice, flax meal helps to treat inflammations of the respiratory tract

How to make a flax poultice

Dissolve 5 tablespoons of flax flour in a little boiling water.

Mix well to obtain a thick and homogeneous paste.

Spread the hot dough on a gauze strip.

Apply on the top of the chest, the compress, hot but not boiling, in order to avoid burns.

Leave on for 15 minutes.

Throw away the poultice which should only be used once.

Apply 3 times a day for 2-3 days.

5 – mustard poultice

Anti-infectious and analgesic, naturally generating heat, mustard helps to quickly and durably decongest the airways.

How to make a mustard poultice

Mix 2 tablespoons of mustard flour in lukewarm water to obtain a thick paste.


Do not exceed the recommended dose of mustard.

Top of mustard will burn the skin and then peel it

Spread the preparation on a large compress, fold it in half and place it on the chest.

Leave on for 10 minutes.

But remove the poultice right away if you experience any burning or irritation on the skin.

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