How to calm the pain with a clothespin on the ear

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Pinch his ear with a clothespin? The use of clothespin and a cotton swab can be effective when pain occurs. Unlike theacupuncture, theacupressure, or acupressure, involves stimulating specific points using strong pressure and not needles. Thehear for example contains several points of nerve endings connected to each organ. Shoulder and back pain, joint pain, sore throat or poor digestion? Find out how relieve punctually a pain by pressing a specific point of its hear by pinching it with a clothespin.

Pinch his ear with a clothespin

pinch point on ear to calm pain

Pressure points on the ear

According to traditional Chinese medicine the organs of the body are represented in various areas of the ear.

By pressing, massaging and pinching points inside these areas, we can actually relieve painful manifestations or stimulate a joint or an internal organ.

This is the idea behind the pain relief technique of the cotton swab and the clothespin.

clothespin to pinch the ear and cotton swab to stimulate point

7 points on the ear to stimulate with a cotton swab and to pinch with a clothespin

pinch a point on the ear with a clothespin

Point 1

Point 1 at the very top of the ear corresponds to the shoulders and back.

In order to release the tension and soothe the pain felt in the upper back, first squeeze a cotton swab on point 1, on the upper part of the ear to find the painful point.

Once the painful point has been identified, replace the cotton swab with the clothespin.

To feel relief leave the clamp in place for 1 minute.

Repeat these gestures throughout the day.

point to stimulate on the ear

Point 2

Point 2 on the outer corner of the upper lobe corresponds to the stomach, kidneys, liver, intestines.

To stimulate these organs and improve their proper functioning, gently squeeze this area with the cotton swab looking for a slightly painful point, once spotted, pinch this point with the clothespin.

Leave to pinch for 1 minute.

Repeat these gestures throughout the day.

pinch point on the ear to calm pain

Point 3

Point 3 corresponds to the joints of the hands and feet.

Relieve ankle, foot, wrist and hand pain with this pinch of the ear.

Spot on the earlobe, the painful area and massage this point 3 in a circular fashion using the cotton swab.

After a minute, pinch this point with the clothespin that you will also keep for a minute.

pinch ear to calm pain

Point 4

Point 4 corresponds to the sinuses and throat.

Using the cotton swab, locate point 4. It is located almost in the center of the ear.

Massage it, then pinch it with the clothespin.

This ear pinching will do you a lot of good in case of a cold or sore throat.

stimulate a point on the ear to calm pain

Point 5

Point 5 corresponds to digestion:

Pinching the 5 point promotes digestion and even helps control hunger pangs.

First squeeze this area between your fingers, then perform a gentle massage with circular movements using the cotton swab and point 5 marked, pinch it using the clothespin.

Massage and pinching will relieve you in the event of difficult digestion.

acupressure point on the ear to pinch

Point 6

Point 6 corresponds to the heart and the head.

Relieve migraines and palpitations by stimulating this point 6 on your ear using the cotton swab.

First, apply medium and constant pressure for 1 minute and then pinch this point with the clothespin.

pinch ear with clothespin

Point 7

Point 7 corresponds to the stress problem

This time, without any clothespins, only with a cotton swab, evacuate stress, anxiety and nervousness, by pressing and massaging this point located in the center of the upper third of the ear with a cotton ball -stem.

To sleep better, every night before going to bed, use the cotton swab to exert pressure and then massage this point on the ear.

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