Hand disinfectant: what is hydroalcoholic gel or lotion

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With the rapid spread ofcoronavirus epidemic, one of the first reflexes of the French was to buy and then use hydroalcoholic gel because it allowed the destruction of viruses and bacteria. But the hydroalcoholic gel is it good or dangerous for your health.

hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer gelWhat is hydro alcoholic gel

In small pocket size or as a pump, the hydro-alcoholic gel allows you to disinfect your hands without water or towel.

Mixture of water and alcohol in the form of a gel, it is a pharmaceutical product which destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Is the hydroalcoholic solution or gel a good hand cleanser

This gel is absolutely not a cleanser.

Ideally, it should be used after washing your hands.

Only use the gel on dirty hands when it is not possible to wash your hands.

Is hydro-alcoholic solution a good hand sanitizer

The effectiveness of hydro-alcoholic solutions in eliminating viruses and bacteria is no longer to be proven.

The disinfectant solution can reduce up to 60% of contamination transmitted by humans.

But nothing can replace soap and water, not even gel!

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Gel or hydro solutionalcoholic against the coronavirus

Japanese researchers from Kyoto University of Medicine have just demonstrated that this product is less effective than soap in fighting the virus.

How to use the gel hydroalcoholic

Place a small amount of gel in the palm of your hands, then rub them for 20 to 30 seconds, until the gel is dry, without rinsing and without forgetting the back of the hand, the top of the fingers, between the fingers, and nails.

When to use the hydroalcoholic gel

Use the gel after washing your hands, or if you cannot find a water point to wash your hands:

– If you have been in contact with a sick person or if you have been in their room.

– After having been in public transport, in places of assembly or meeting, in a restaurant or any place with high traffic.

– When you have been in contact with a surface or water likely to be contaminated.


After three uses of hydroalcoholic solution in a day, it is necessary to wash your hands with soap and water.

When should you not use hydroalcoholic gel

Avoid using hydroalcoholic solution or gel

– Before touching a baby or before feeding a child.

The disinfectant gel has too much alcohol for them.

– Just before cooking

by touching food with hands that have just been rubbed with gel, especially if it is a meal for a child, you risk drinking them.

Who should avoid using gel or hydroalcoholic solution

Do not use hydroalcoholic gel

– If you have fragile skin

Gel that contains alcohol is not suitable those with psoriasis or eczema, or those with inflamed or scratched skin.

The alcohol in the solution can dry out and irritate the skin.

– To disinfect a wound

The hydroalcoholic gel does not have this utility.

– If you have wet hands

The gel or hydroalcoholic solution may be diluted which will reduce its action.

Do not use this gel or solution too often

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

-Or if you are a child under 10 years old

If possible, washtheir hands with soap and water as often as possible.


Do not squirt the hydroalcoholic solution into the eye.

Do not put a lens on the eye after rubbing your but with disinfectant gel.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water.

should you use hand sanitizer

Hydroalcoholic gel danger to health? Why the repeated use of the gel antibacterial is not advised

Most hydro-alcoholic gels contain triclosan and triclocarban, two endocrine disruptors, which have been banned since September 2016 in the United States.

In recent years, many scientists have alerted us to the role of endocrine disruptors. They could trigger certain cancers, and could disrupt the hormonal system, promote the breakdown of sperm and miscarriages.

In addition, its excessive use may also cause allergies, headaches, nausea and dizziness and also contribute to resistance to antibiotics.

Storage of hydroalcoholic gel after opening

Store the bottle within a month of opening.

Then throw it away.

What alternative to gel hydroalcoholic

Most often wear gloves, wash your hands frequently, use natural hydro-alcoholic solutions without preservatives and low in alcohol concentration.

Or make your own hydro alcoholic gel.

Recipe for a natural disinfectant gel

To make your disinfectant gel you will need:

45 ml of organic aloe vera gel

1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin

10 drops of tea tree essential oil

8 drops of Palmarosa essential oil

8 drops of true Lavender essential oil

And as a utensil

1 small 60 ml pump-bottle

1 small glass or stainless steel bowl

1 stainless steel fork to mix the ingredients

Preparation of homemade hand disinfectant gel

In the bowl, mix the vegetable glycerin and the aloe vera gel

Add the essential oils, and mix again.

Pour the mixture into the pump bottle.

Store the vial away from light and heat.

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