Everything you need to know about castor oil and 8 uses you need to know

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Castor oil is increasingly known and used by the general public. It is easily found in all supermarkets, organic stores and drugstores. It has a particular reputation for combating hair loss and promoting hair growth. However, the other uses of castor oil are much less well known. However, its multiple properties make this natural product essential in a beauty routine and on a daily basis. And there is no reason that only your hair should benefit! Here are the best-known uses of castor oil to get the most out of your oil bottle.

1) The classic uses of castor oil for hair and eyelash growth

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It owes its many virtues to its richness in vitamin E, minerals and essential fatty acids. It is therefore excellent for nourish, strengthen and shine damaged, fragile and brittle hair. It can also be used against hair loss and to promote hair growth or make a cure so that they fall less during a change of season. In this case, this very viscous vegetable oil is diluted using more liquid vegetable oils for easier application (olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc.). Then, leave this special oil bath regrowth for one hour before moving on to the shampoo. Can also massage a few drops onto damaged split ends.

Its nutrients also help to grow eyelashes and eyebrows. You can then apply a small drop using a clean mascara brush.

2) Against small wounds, scars and stretch marks

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Little is known about it, but it has its place in the small family pharmacy! Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it can be used for disinfect small superficial wounds (cuts, scratches, scratches…). It can also be applied to calm a sunburn or relieve itching. In addition, a daily application until penetration with a long massage will also allow remove corns and calluses as well as warts hands or feet. Finally, its regenerating effects are more particularly useful for reduce scars and stretch marks. So don’t hesitate to massage it daily for incredible results!

3) Against wrinkles, dark spots and pimples

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The uses of castor oil on the face make it possible to erase many small complexes that one may have. For example, applying oil daily helps to reduce pigment spots related to aging or sun exposure. We can also massage a small amount on the eye area (avoiding the eyes) to delay the appearance of wrinkles and soothe and beautify puffy and tired eyes. This will brighten the eyes and deflate the eyes. Finally, we can massage it on the buttons before going to bed to eliminate them. It is notably very beneficial against cystic acne. This oil indeed helps reduce inflammation and fight bacteria at the origin of imperfections. Healing of pimples is then faster!

4) uses of castor oil for pain

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First of all, she calms stomach aches (bloating, constipation, menstrual pain…). It also helps to relieve joint and muscle pain (rheumatism, arthritis, stiffness, sore muscles…). On the stomach, it can be used by massages before applying a hot water bottle over it. For the joints, it can be used pure or y add turmeric or cayenne pepper to make a paste. It is enough to massage well and leave to act. And in addition, you can apply it as much as you want: it is excellent for the skin!

5) Oil for fragile nails and chapped lips

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Among its many uses, castor oil also helps to protect, strengthen and fortify brittle and damaged nails. It therefore helps to grow healthy and strong nails faster, and it heals the cuticles! It can also help fight the fungi that cause nail fungus when applied daily. In addition, its effectiveness caps many commercial lip balms on the post. In case of chapped and injured lips, this is a great remedy to have! However, avoid licking your lips, the taste is not very pleasant …

6) Against moles

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Castor oil is a very poisonous plant that repels moles. This is the reason why many gardeners like to plant it in their garden or spread castor oil cake in the underground galleries. You can also more simply mix 100 ml of castor oil with about 5 liters of water. All you have to do is pour it into the holes to scare away the moles!

7) To remove skin tags

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Skin tags or pacifiers are small growths on the armpits, neck, groin or under the breasts. Although benign and painless, they are unsightly and unpleasant. Fortunately, a daily application castor oil will help remove them. You can also mix it with baking soda. The combination of the two thick paste applied three times a day locally with a cotton swab will remove the growth. (Do not hesitate to cover with a bandage for the night!) In two weeks already, you will see a clear difference!

8) A natural mosquito repellent

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Here you just have to pour a little oil in a cup to keep mosquitoes and flies away!

Should it be used as a laxative against constipation?

Some people consume a tablespoon of castor oil to relieve constipation. If this remedy is very effective, we do not recommend it, because its rapid laxative action can lead to severe diarrhea!

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