Change your beauty routine in winter

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Winter is the good time to take care of yourself … but not like before. While waiting for the sunny days when we will want to go out more, why not try another beauty routine ? Winter can become an opportunity to take care of our skin or our hair and restore their radiance and health.

Change your beauty routine to have beautiful skin, beautiful hair and beautiful nails

How to take care of your hair in winter

Usually we wash our hair once or twice a week, a few times more.

By washing our hair so often not only do we pollute the water but because a lot of shampoo is composed of often toxic products: sulfates and silicones for the worst, and for all aggressive products for example: detergent, softener, stabilizer, thickener, humectant , antioxidant, bactericide, coloring, pearlescent agent, perfume… OUF!

Result : to protect itself, the attacked scalp triggers a new sebum production which causes the roots to become oily and inevitably we rewash our hair!

What to do then?

Since at the moment we are leaving our homes less, let’s take the opportunity to seriously space out our shampoos.

1time step,

Seriously dilute your shampoo.

We don’t need to pour a whole bottle over our heads.

Second step:

Change the pace.

For example if you wash your hair every 3 days, go to 4, then to 5 days, and finally to a week. You will see the effect is quick.

If you don’t find yourself presentable, if having hair in a bundle for a day or two undermines your spirits, put it in a ponytail or bun or give yourself a dry shampoo.

It is also possible to use homemade lotion and shampoo. You will find natural shampoo recipes in the Toutpratique article:

What a natural recipe of homemade lotion and shampoo to care for your hair

How to take care of your skin during confinement

Is it really worth covering your skin with foundation while we’re at home all day?

If we are to believe the fans of the “No make up day” whose principle is to spend one or more days a week without makeup to regain beautiful skin, you have to let it breathe a little.

A foundation that is often polluting the environment, may contain allergens, petrochemical ingredients and endocrine disruptors

Do you have redness and pimples?

Now is the time to adopt a more natural look by taking care of your skin.

What to do then?

Nothing would be too simple!

Leaving your skin without makeup does not mean not taking care of it.

Forget about creams that may contain unwanted substances

Once a day, cleanse your skin with chamomile, orange or rose floral water then moisturize it with aloe vera gel, shea butter or just a small amount of non-comedogenic vegetable oil such as olive oil. argan, avocado or jojoba.

Also take advantage of the confinement to coat your lashes and eyebrows with castor oil to strengthen and grow them.

How to take care of your nails in winter

Take advantage of winter to remove your nail polish and find a natural nail.

A varnish contains substances that are undesirable and dangerous to health: film-forming agent, most often nitrocellulose,

resins for gloss and adhesion, plasticizers, solvents, pigments and thinning agents.

The varnishes, and even more the semi-permanent and the gel, suffocate the nail.

No longer wearing varnish during this confinement seems reasonable, especially since we are strongly advised to cut our nails as much as possible.

Varnish should be avoided and long nails increase the risk of contamination.

What to do then?

Remove your polish, and cut and file your nails, the virus could be hiding underneath.

Then, after washing your hands, and brushing your nails well above and below, feed it with shea butter, and make a brewer’s yeast cure by taking 3 capsules with a glass of water 1 every day for 30 days.

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