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Milia grains are microcysts that appear as small, unsightly, painless grains on the surface of the skin. They can be found on the hands, dark circles and around the eyes as well as other areas of the skin. The causes of their appearance are numerous as are the treatments to remedy them!

1) The causes of milium grains

There are many causes for the appearance of these white buttons. First of all, there is the improper disposal of dead cells. Indeed, the fact of not well cleanse your skin in depth will allow the skin to secrete sebum which will entrain the grains of milium. It is also common for it to appear in Babies.

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It may also be due to a skin aggression such as exposure to UV rays, a peel, abrasive and repetitive scrubs or a laser treatment or care that is too harmful to our skin. For example, charcoal masks are very powerful and not recommended for dry or sensitive skin. Taking care of your skin is good, but you have to be careful not to abuse it! We must therefore be careful and use adapted to our skin type. Some dermatological problems (epidermolysis bullosa, etc.) can also lead to milium seeds.

2) How to remedy these small white dots?

First of all, it would be ideal to make a diagnosis of your skin. Thanks to this, we can use products adapted to our skin type. This will not make them too aggressive or too rich for you. Then, you have to clean your skin well in order to eliminate dead skin. And above all, avoid piercing them like buttons, it could get worse the condition of your skin. No need to replace these little grains with scars or infection! The fact of performing a gentle exfoliation or using a chemical exfoliant will relocate the impurities accumulated under the skin, thus making it possible to remove these small white pimples. A dermatologist can also remove them if this persists, knowing that they always eventually go away on their own over time.

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For prevent risks of the appearance of milium grains, you must therefore use products adapted to your skin. Avoid creams that are too rich for the sensitive area around the eyes and the top of the cheeks, which will cause excess sebum in the pores of the skin. Gentle products for sensitive skins and moisturizers will to soothe the epidermis. On the contrary, harmful products with many sulfates will tend to cause these little pimples to appear on the face. Also remember to remove your makeup every night and protect your skin from the sun with a high sun index sunscreen and glasses and a hat. Overexposure to the sun should be avoided at all costs, such as eating foods high in cholesterol.

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