Brittle or splitting nails: 15 natural treatments and 9 tips to strengthen your nails

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Obrittle nails or duplicated what treatment ? Some advocate dietary supplements, others to change their food and eat more red meat to compensate for a lack of iron. These tips should not be overlooked. But also some care can work miracles on fragile nails. Discover 15 natural remedies and 9 tips for heal and to reinforce the brittle and split nails.

brittle nails what treatment

Brittle nails which product

1 – Aloe vera

This amazing plant, consisting of 99% water and 75 other components acting in synergy: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, promote nail growth.

Massage your nails with pure gel either using tube gel or by scraping the gel from an aloe vera leaf.

2 – Shea butter

Apply in a thick layer, without penetrating Shea Butter fondue in a bain-marie or on the radiator.

Put on cotton gloves and keep them on for at least 1 hour. One night is ideal.

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3 – Lemon

Rub nails morning and evening, with a slice of lemon.

4 – Moisturizer

Massage your nails several times a day with very moisturizing cream. Running out of moisturizer? Use oil.

5 – Wheat germ oil

Apply and massage your nails with wheat germ oil.

6 – Castor oil

This oil, extracted from the seeds of a plant found in tropical regions, known to grow hair is also very effective in strengthening and accelerating nail growth.

Gently massage with your fingertips several times a day, and especially before going to bed.

What revitalizing bath recipe to strengthen brittle and split nails

7 – Olive oil and lemon essential oil

On a radiator or in a bain-marie, warm a bowl of olive oil, which is naturally rich in fatty acids and vitamins.

Pour 2 drops of lemon essential oil into the bowl.
Dip your fingers in the oil for a few minutes then massage the nails.

8 – Olive oil and lavender essential oil

Immerse the fingers for ten minutes in a bath of olive oil with 5 drops of lavender essential oil then massage them

9 – Warm olive oil + ylang-ylang essential oil

Gently heat 10 cl of olive oil in a bain-marie.

Pour into a bowl then add 10 drops of Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

Soak your fingers for 5 minutes in this bath then massage your nails.

10 – Castor oil and lemon juice

Soak your fingers for 10 minutes, in a bowl filled with equal parts of lemon juice and argan oil and castor oil, then massage them.

11 – Horsetail

Field horsetail, remineralizing due to its richness in silica and potassium, is known to promote nail regrowth while strengthening them.

Pour into a saucepan 50 g of dried horsetail in 1 liter of water.

Boil for ten minutes.

Leave to infuse, covered, off the heat.

Keep enough to drink 1 cup, then bathe your nails for about ten minutes in the cooled decoction.

Brittle nails which food supplement

12 – Royal jelly

Pure, and not in capsule form, royal jelly, rich in B vitamins, is ideal for strengthening brittle and split nails.

Take every day, in the morning on an empty stomach, half a gram to a gram of royal jelly for a month.

13 – Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast, which is used to leaven bread dough and prepare alcoholic beverages such as beer, is a food rich in proteins and B vitamins.

Not only does it help to restore the intestinal flora, but it has a beneficial effect on the skin and nails

Take brewer’s yeast tablet or sprinkle brewer’s yeast flake on your dishes.

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Brittle nails that eat

14 – eat foods rich in iron

If your nails are brittle, maybe you were suffering from iron deficiency

Opt for foods rich in iron

Foods rich in iron in descending order

Black pudding

Pork liver


Beef jerky

Soybeans, dry

Millet flake

Lentils, dry

Veal liver


Green wheat

White beans, dry

Chickpeas, dry



15 – Eat foods rich in calcium.

Consumption of calcium ideal corresponds to 5 dairy products per day : yogurt, milk, cheese, butter, etc. …

The most calcium is found in:

– pressed and cooked cheeses

– Milk (skimmed or not, milk contains 125 mg per 100 g.

Foods highest in calcium in descending order



Green cabbage leaves



Dried figs



Cooked white beans

Egg yolk


UHT semi-skimmed milk

Black radish



Also favor oily fish (sardines, mackerel salmon), whole grains, red meats, raw vegetables and vegetables cooked in a little vegetable oil, accompanied by a little soy, nuts, almonds, Hazelnut…

brittle nails what advice

Brittle and split nails: 9 tips to preserve them.

1 – Protect your hands with household gloves

When you have to handle household products that attack the nails.

2 – Protect your nails from water

Do not soak your nails in water for too long, especially in hot water. Water softens the nails and weakens them.

3 – Protect your nails from the cold

In winter, do not go out without putting on gloves. The cold dries out the nails.

4 – protect your nails from heat

When it’s very hot, grease your nails and cuticles.

5 – Occasionally leave your nails bare, without varnish

The varnish makes thenail dry and brittle.

And the remover, even without acetone, dries out nails.

6 – keep your nails short

While your nails get stronger, keep your nails short. nails fragile and brittle.

But beware !

7- Avoid scissors or nail clippers,

File them regularly, gently, if possible with a glass or cardboard file and avoid metal ones.

8– Perfectly clean your nails

Brush your nails at least twice a week to remove dust and germs with a brush wet with lukewarm water and sprinkled with baking soda.

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9 – hydrate small skin

Do not cut the small skins around thenail (cuticle) and protect it.

But moisturize and grease them then gently push them back with a wooden stick.

This care is essential for the nail to develop normally.

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