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The70% alcohol, more efficient thanalcohol at 90°, is a disinfectant mighty who can combat some virus much better than some off-the-shelf products. It may even be the basis of recipe of gel hydroalcoholic. But it is not necessarily the miracle solution that will solve all the problems of disinfection. You can’t use it on everything and on every occasion. Find out how to properly use alcohol at 70 ° as disinfectant.

use of 70% alcohol on skin and surfaces

Where to find alcohol at 70 °

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How to use 70 ° alcohol

Alcohol at 70 ° is an antiseptic (for the skin) in the same way as Betadine or Dakin, it is also a disinfectant for most surfaces and objects.

Do not confuse 70 ° alcohol with household alcohol

-Alcohol at 70 °

It is an excellent disinfectant, but not a cleaner.

– Household alcohol or to burn

This product is recommended for cleaning, degreasing, staining and disinfecting, but only for domestic use.

To learn more about the use of household alcohol, see the Toutpratique article:

Burning alcohol which use with rubbing or household alcohol

Alcohol at 70 ° to make gel hydroalcoholic, hand disinfectant

1st hydroalcoholic gel recipe

In a 1 liter bottle, previously sterilized, pour:

– 833 milliliters of 70 ° alcohol

– 42 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide

– 15 milliliters of glycerin.

Fill the bottle with water.

Shake to mix.

Cap the bottle tightly to prevent evaporation

Second hydroalcoholic gel recipe

Always in a bottle mix:

– 2/3 alcohol at 70 °

– 1/3 aloe vera gel

70 ° alcohol sold at the Toutpratique Boutique

Use 70 ° alcohol as an antiseptic

Alcohol at 70 °, which is known to destroy skin bacteria in less than 2 minutes, is to be used for disinfect a skin sound that does not present any wounds, before:

– to treat an embodied hair

– hair removal

– a puncture

– a piercing


Alcohol at 70 ° is flammable

– Do not smoke, do not approach a fire while using alcohol and do not store the bottle near a heat source.

– Use alcohol in a ventilated room.

– Close the bottle after each use.

Do not use 70 ° alcohol to disinfect a wound

Applying 70 ° alcohol to a wound can cause severe pain.

Prefer a disinfectant that does not sting and is not irritating to the skin.

Use 70 ° alcohol to sterilize

Sterilize scissors, tweezers or a thermometer:

Pass a compress or a cotton ball impregnated with 70% alcohol over these objects.

Sterilize piercing and earring

Wipe on a piece of jewelry or some metal wipe paper soaked in 70 ° alcohol.

what to disinfect with alcohol at 70 °

Use 70 ° alcohol as a disinfectant for the house

To disinfect a work surface that has been contaminated, spray the alcohol directly without diluting it on the surface or wipe it with a paper towel soaked in alcohol.

Let it dry.


Although excellent for removing ink or colored stains, 70 ° alcohol is a disinfectant

Do not use it to clean everything.

-Do not spray alcohol on any object or toy

With a child he would risk bringing it to his mouth.

What to disinfect with alcohol at 70 °

Soak one or two sheets of paper towel with alcohol and run it over:

– Furniture handles and door knobs

– Switches

– The toilet seat

– The button that activates the toilet flush

– Kitchen or bathroom worktops

– The inside of the fridge, if it has been contaminated, but also the door and the handle

– The bin

– The kitchen sink

– The credenza

– The faucets

– The sink or the bathtub

– The changing table

– Computer keyboard and mouse

– AirPods

– Jewelry

– The remote control

– The phone

– Children’s toys


– Watch out for your eyes!

Do not squirt alcohol into the eyes or touch them after disinfecting an object.

– Keep alcohol out of the reach of children.

– Do not use 70 ° alcohol on a child under 36 months

And use it with caution between 3 years to 6 years.

Use 70 ° alcohol to remove bad odors

– Disinfect and deodorize a garment or fabric

Soak fabric or clothing in a basin filled with cold water and a coffee cup 70% alcoholand another from bicarbonate soda.

Leave to soak for 24 hours.

Dry on a line or on a hanger but outside then wash normally.

– Quickly remove a bad smell on the hands

Pass a cotton ball impregnated with alcohol over your fingers.

Leave to dry.

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