7 tips to make your perfume last longer

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Are you one of the many lovers of perfumery and scents with woody, fruity, spicy or even floral notes? When we want to smell good all the time and we hate wasting our perfumes (which often are not given), tips are always welcome, especially if you keep putting them back all day, you can tickle and give everyone around you a headache… So here’s how to make your perfume last longer. To your bottles!

Why is the hold of the perfume sometimes so bad?

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Very often, we end up not smelling our own perfume by habit. By wearing it every day, it becomes our smell and is slowly forgotten. However, this phenomenon should not be confused with the effectiveness of the juice you wear, especially if you have a whole collection and you change it regularly. Indeed, in essence, this good smell is fleeting and ends up slowly fading away. Nevertheless, some perfumes also just don’t associate well with our skin chemistry which is a living organ with its own acidity. Also, the perfume will not evolve in the same way from one person to another and can too quickly be forgotten on you. Fortunately, we can cheat a bit with the tips below!

1) Choose the right fragrance to make it last longer

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Before buying a perfume, it is always a good idea to obtain samples of it so that it can be worn and made sure of its hold as well as that it does not spin. However, all the art of craftsmen-perfumers also lies in the creation of more or less intense variations of juice. Also, the toilet water will generally be less intense in hold and smell than an eau de parfum. It’s all a matter of different concentrations of aromatic essences. The eau de toilette contains a concentration of approximately 7 to 12%, the perfume goes from 12 to 20% and the scent goes from 20 to 40% of essences. Perfume oils are also extremely concentrated. These latter products can therefore last a whole day. On the contrary, fresh water such as colognes often have the most limited hold over time.

2) The right spot to keep your scent

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Over time, the color of the juice may change and its odor may tend to turn. This phenomenon is amplified if you keep your perfumes in a place like the bathroom. Indeed, the perfume does not withstand light, heat and strong variations in temperature, nor humidity, which tend to break it down and affect its quality. A bright shelf or a corner of a chest of drawers are therefore pretty places to store a collection, but not recommended for keeping a perfume in good condition for a long time. Prefer a dark and dry place away from any heat source (candle, radiator, shower, etc.) to preserve its quality and durability!

3) Perfume strategic areas

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A few well-distributed drops may be enough to make a perfume last all day … provided youput it in strategic areas: hot spots ! These are the places on the body that produce heat and help diffuse the scent of perfume throughout the day. What are these areas? These are the backs of the ears, the back of the neck and the hairline in general, the wrists or the hollows of the elbows or knees. No need to put it on all these areas at the risk of emptying the perfume bottle in a few days. One or two zones will be more than enough!

Perfumer’s tip: Spray a cloud of perfume above you that you will pass through to soak up it.

4) Never rub your wrists when you put them on

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It’s an almost instinctive gesture: rubbing his wrists after spraying the perfume or rubbing his wrists in his neck. Unfortunately, this bad habit can make the scent last less. Indeed, friction tends to heat the skin slightly, which will release enzymes that can modify the initial smell of a fragrance. Better to avoid friction in favor of a simple spray to keep your perfume longer!

5) Perfume on its accessories to make it last longer

Perfume on a scarf for a scent that will last a long time… Credits: Congerdesign / Pixabay

You can very simply spray perfume on your clothes or on your accessories (scrunchie, scarf, scarf…) to improve your wake! The fibers retain odors well, which will help your fragrances last all day. Remember also that hair retains odors well (both good and bad!). Spray perfume on your hairbrush before styling to lightly perfume your hair homogeneously. Be careful, do not do this daily, because the alcohol in the perfume can dry out the hair. This ultra glamorous and sensuality gesture is however ideal for a romantic evening or a special event!

6) Perfume wet or well hydrated skin for a fragrance that lasts for a long time

Dry skin absorbs more perfumes and therefore affects the duration of your wake. Even if you don’t have particularly dry skin, you can improve the hold of a perfume by applying a fragrance-free, odor-neutral moisturizer or even the cream associated with your perfume. before sprinkle your fragrance on the skin. This will act as a fixing base to which the good smell will cling. If you don’t have any odor-neutral cream, you can also use petroleum jelly or vegetable oil without marked odor. In addition to taking care of your crocodile skin, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or argan oil will retain fragrance molecules.

7) try the solid perfume

Of course, you can’t spray it on your clothes. However, this mixture of shea butter and essential oils melts into the skin to perfume it over time without irritating it. You can concoct it yourself to personalize your scent or buy it in an organic store or specialty store. Ylang-ylang, bergamot, cedar, lavender, citrus fruits, vanilla extract, sandalwood… With woody notes, floral or fresh notes are combined for a unique scent and to your taste!

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